Another of Pinnacle’s clients has graciously consented to showcase their home in a ‘Pinnacle Exclusive’ Renovation Tour!

You will not want to miss viewing this gorgeous home, located in the prestigious neighbourhood of Varsity Estates! This completed project boasts countless unique features including numerous radius walls (the open ceiling study incorporates an entire wall of radius glass blocks), to a two-tone kitchen showcasing a custom antiqued ‘old world’ corner desk. Stepping through the magnificent front door you are welcomed by a sweeping curved staircase, 20 foot ceilings, and extraordinary custom tile inlay. An abundance of windows bathes the home in natural light, giving it a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The date for this exclusive Reno Tour is set for Saturday, November 19th. Further details, including the hours and location, will be posted the week of November 14th so stay tuned; this is a home you will definitely want to see!

Just a quick update on the spectacular Safe Haven “Street of Dreams Gala” this past Saturday! Over 680 guests gathered at the Suncor Centre to make new friends, enjoy fabulous food…and to take part in placing their bids on the vast display of spectacular Auction items available through both silent and live Auctions!

Our Pinnacle Guests had a great time, with a few of them having the good fortune of having their pictures taken with Calgary’s very own Brett Wilson from the hit TV show Dragons’ Den™! Word has it that Mr. Wilson was also the successful bidder for the Mantracker™ Premiere Auction item!

Joining Paul & Elaine at this year’s Gala were Denny & Jessie Vannus from 4 Star Electric, Scott MacGillivary from Digital Lifestyles, as well as Doug & Christine Vass from Local Online Advertising Experts. Everyone enjoyed an exciting and fun-filled evening which included perusing the various Auction items, as well as sampling the gourmet cuisine prepared at the various food stations staffed by some of Calgary’s most accomplished Chefs! In the words of Doug Vass, “It was one of the most elaborate and high class fundraising galas I have ever attended. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and will be attending next year with friends. We can’t say enough good things about our first experience attending the Safe Haven Foundation Gala. Bravo!” Doug was the successful bidder on a Sky Dive Package, and is excitedly looking forward to his experience!

There were a number of very exciting Auction items this year. Among them was a 7 day European River Boat Cruise for 2 including shore excursions; a Mantracker™ Ranch Day for a group of 14 which consisted of an entire day of Kananaskis trail riding with the star of the show, Terry Grant; a 7 day excursion for 6 adults touring Canada’s beautiful Sunshine Coast aboard a 78ft Luxury Yacht including kayak and Zodiac adventures, and many, many more! Pinnacle was pleased to donate our Premiere Home Theatre Package, and wishes to congratulate the successful bidders on acquiring this fabulous package!

Karen & John Sherbut, and all the staff, committee members and volunteers of Safe Haven Foundation once again surpassed themselves in the coordination and execution of a fabulous event; every detail was with the usual taste and style this foundation is known for. A sincere token of gratitude as well to all the attendees who generously gave by bidding on both the live and silent Auction items; thank you all!

We will be looking forward to next year’s Street of Dreams Gala; and thank you once again to Safe Haven for a fabulous 2011 Gala Event!

The Government of Canada’s ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes Program has been renewed until March 31st, 2012 to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient and reduce the burden of high energy costs. You can receive up to $5000 in grants but in order to qualify for these grants you need to have a retrofit energy evaluation(audit). This includes both a pre-audit and post-audit to confirm you have completed the upgrades. The audit process costs $425.

For a limited time, when you choose Pinnacle Group for your qualifying renovation*, we will cover the cost of your retrofit energy evaluation. Use our expertise to help navigate you through the entire process; we’ll take care of everything and you’ll save the money!  Just one more benefit of choosing Pinnacle Group as your renovation and custom built home specialist!

For more information on this program – click the link below or call us at 403-720-8789.

There are some changes and new faces around Pinnacle these days! We are pleased to announce the recent additions of Gemma Gibbons and Chris DeVries to the Pinnacle Team, as well as the promotion of Stephanie Waddell!

Gemma joins us as a welcome addition to our Administrative department. She has taken over our Office Administrator position, and is the new ‘Face of Pinnacle’ to arriving guests and clients. Cheerful, pleasant, and enthusiastic, Gemma is a great addition to the Team!

Chris is a Renovation Consultant and the newest addition to our Sales Team. Chris comes to us with a background of 15 years in the construction industry; from labourer, to managing his own painting company, his hands-on knowledge of building practices and development make him a great asset to our Sales Team!

Stephanie Waddell has moved from the position of Office Administrator to Office Manager, and has taken on the responsibility of A/R as well as overseeing the Administrative Department. Dealing directly with clients, staff and trade partners, Stephanie has shown herself to be extremely efficient, capable and level-headed. She has been a vital part of the organization and stream-lining of our processes, and her positive attitude and forward thinking make her ideal for management. We are thrilled to have the chance to see her to grow within the company, and look forward to her involvement in the future!

We want to officially welcome Gemma and Chris to the Pinnacle Team, and congratulate Stephanie on her new position; we are delighted to have them all on board!

Gemma Gibbons

Chris DeVries

Stephanie Waddell

It’s that time of year again! The Annual Safe Haven Street of Dreams Gala is coming up the 22nd of October, and this year promises to be one of the best yet.

The Safe Haven Foundation’s annual Street of Dreams Gala is one of the most prestigious philanthropic events of our city. Bringing out the generosity of Calgary’s compassionate business community, it’s a fun and lively evening of incredible food & drink, mingling of business owners and celebrity personalities, extraordinary Silent & Live Auction items, and most importantly the continued support of our city’s most vulnerable citizens; our at-risk children & youth.

Each year the Gala includes an impressive selection of Live and Silent Auction items from various businesses throughout the city. Last year’s items ranged from a Viking Ultimate Kitchen to an original painting by Jason Gogo! For this year’s Auction item, Pinnacle has pulled out all the stops, donating a complete media and custom credenza package valued at $25,000.00!! We are extremely excited about this incredible package, made possible by our trade partners Digital Lifestyles, 4 Star Electric and Van Go Artisans.

The complete specs of this amazing Auction Item are as follows:

Media Components/Digital Lifestyles:

  • 55” Samsung Smart Hub LED HD TV and full Boston Acoustics surround system.
  • Sony Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • complete in home mesh network for Home Automation conveniences such as:
  • Skype video calling and receiving direct from the TV with no computer required
  • Integrated Skype camera included and integrated with the TV
  • Facebook accessibility direct from the TV with no Computer or additional hardware
  • required
  • Netflix setup direct on TV (with Netflix subscription)
  • Direct YOUTUBE access from TV
  • Streaming music from any computer or connected device in the home
  • View your digital pictures on the Smart Hub TV even though they may reside on another computer in the home
  • One touch access via RTI wireless remote
  • Full lighting control for that room that will allow you to have preset scenes and dimming patterns through your handheld remote or via the inwall keypad
  • 1 ½” cabling conduit strung from TV to Media components allowing complete upgrade opportunity for future media components
  • Complete installation and thorough client Familiarization Tour, complete with one year service and warranty

Millwork Components/Vango Artisans:

  • Floating Media storage Credenza including:
  • 96” long x 24” high x 22” stained Maple fully custom cabinetry
  • Component storage for all media components including air-flow friendly mesh speaker cloth inset in credenza doors
  • Full customization provided for sizing and placement of all media components
  • Complete installation and one year warranty

Electrical Components/4-Star Electric:

  • Complete electrical service to provide connection to all media components including connection to existing electrical panel. (Panel upgrade, if needed not included)
  • Six (6) Par20 potlights installed in theatre area ceiling (Flat only, not vaulted) including complete electrical connections and ‘Smart Wiring’ required for lighting to ‘talk’ to wireless remote lighting control
  • Complete final installation included and one year warranty


  • Complete project management by Pinnacle Group Renovations
  • Thorough room/site protection for duration of installation including final clean and detail
  • Drywall patching for pot lighting and repainting of (Flat) ceiling and media wall.
  • Complete follow through warranty as per Pinnacle Group’s ‘Client for Life’ Program!

We are anticipating great interest in this Premiere Auction Package, and look forward to supporting the Street of Dreams Foundation in their continued efforts to help our city’s youth! And as a reminder….it’s not too late to visit the Street of Dreams Website and make a private donation, or purchase tickets to attend this highly anticipated fund-raising event! Street of Dreams Website for placing your donation or ordering Gala Tickets:

Safe Haven Video…a MUST-SEE:

Video of Media Package!

As you can see, once we have a clear understanding of what distinguishes your family’s needs, we can begin creating a design; then progress to a 3D rendering of the newly remodelled space or your custom home design.

We use this rendering as the starting point of collaboration with you on the actual final design. We completely understand that seeing something on a blueprint or sketch is not the same as seeing something “virtually.” The 3D virtual experience allows you to be able to “walk through” the space and “experience” it without actually being there.

Our 3D modeling software allows you the freedom to explore possibilities. If you want to shift a wall, move a closet, make a room bigger/smaller, etc. we can immediately show you what it will look like; all of these changes can be done in real-time, with a simple click of the mouse!

Additionally, through this valuable process, we can work with you to achieve the perfect design in the most cost efficient process possible. We actually collaborate; not only with our interior designers and architects, but with our site supervisors, special suppliers, and professional trade affiliates. Based on your lifestyle needs and design flair, we make sure that our industry experts are consulted on how the end result that you envision can be achieved accurately; without unnecessary and unforeseen expenses. With the experts in the room, solutions can be discovered quickly, cost efficiencies can be implemented, timelines can be firm, and cost-overruns can be mitigated. Slight changes left unchecked by trained professionals, are often what lead to cost overruns. At Pinnacle Group, we prevent this from happening.

A second and equally important aspect of alignment is to ensure that you, the homeowner, choose a renovator/custom home builder that is in complete alignment with your needs and expectations.

You want to make sure that the Builder you choose for your project will actually be able to provide you with the finished product you had envisioned. They should have a proven track record of delivering an excellent building experience as demonstrated by their customer satisfaction scores.

Unfortunately, in renovation and custom home projects, the quality of a project sometimes falls short of the expectations of the homeowner. This is due to poor planning, poor execution, lack of systems and processes and most of all, a genuine lack of customer care. A great design cannot be properly executed without stellar business systems and a genuine understanding of a customer’s needs and expectations.

We hope this insight into Pinnacle’s DNA Process has been helpful. For more information please call our showroom at 403-720-8789 to request a copy of the entire DNA Document!

Part 2 in our DNA Process Series focuses on the 2nd aspect of Pinnacle’s DNA Acronym; Needs. The specific needs of a prospective Client are the heart & soul of Pinnacle; our entire goal is to create a space that meets the individual needs of each family member. Our mantra is to Make Your Home Your Favourite Place To Be – successfully understanding and integrating your needs is what makes this possible!

The Needs portion of our DNA Process consists of 20 questions in an extensive and highly detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to cover all bases and to compel Clients to think about what they really want; exploring angles that they may not have ever considered before but are critical to the new design. We are serious about creating the perfect spaces for each of our Client Families!

Pinnacle’s questionnaire consists of basic questions such as “How many people are living in your home”, to specialized and specific questions such as “Do you have significant pieces of art or furniture that you want to keep in mind when designing your home”. From a 1-10 rating scale for each current room, to simple Yes/No answers for questions such as “Would you like a fireplace in your Master Bedroom”, to areas for extensive written answers for questions such as “What would your ideal Master Bedroom/Retreat look like”; this questionnaire is truly an in-depth analysis of the individual needs of each family member, and the overall driving force behind each renovation.

The interactive interview process that Pinnacle Group designers take Clients through is a very easy and exciting experience – our questionnaire is designed to get the ‘mental juices flowing’ and allow each member to express their own individual wishes. Once a family’s Needs are expressed and fully understood, the 3rd part of our DNA Process begins… stay tuned for this information next week!

We all know the traditional definition of DNA; it is your individual characteristics and makeup that set you apart and make you unique from anyone else. Your personal DNA is what makes you unique as a person; at Pinnacle Group, we believe that each family also has a personalized ‘DNA’.

Paul Klassen, GM of Pinnacle Group, has recently trademarked a new process for Renovations. Coined the DNA-Process™, this is a procedure that makes an in-depth analysis of the needs and desires of each prospective Renovation Client. Far beyond the typical questions of “What is your budget” and “What colour would you like your walls”, this study personalizes every renovation by asking specific questions of each family member such as “Does your Family/Great Room have enough room for books, photos and trophies” & “How many pairs of shoes would you like to have storage for in your Master Bedroom”. Designed to ‘hone in’ on what is truly important to the family unit, this process ensures every angle is considered and eliminates post-project disappointment.

Over the next few blogs, we will share the fundamentals of our DNA Process; we hope you find this information useful!

Pinnacle Group’s DNA-Process™ stands for:

D– Design
N– Needs


Design is often taken for granted as a simple, superficial process mainly involving aesthetics rather than specific functionality; with this approach it is easy to overlook the prerequisites of each family member.

“I want this style of kitchen”, “I want a home theatre”, or “I want a big family room”, are typical examples of initial statements; however, this vagueness often leads to dissatisfaction.

At Pinnacle Group, we go far beyond superficial discussions when determining the right design for your home. From the onset, we pay close attention to all of the details of your vision, no matter how clear or vague that vision may be. Whether or not you are completely sure about what you really want or need, our extensive needs analysis questionnaire that each family member fills out, allows us to uncover the small nuances that often make the biggest differences.

These findings are incorporated into an initial rendering where the collaboration process moves into full swing! A 3D model of your new space is projected on our boardroom big screen TV, capturing and illuminating the distinctive character of your renovation or custom home build. This allows you to “feel” what the new design space will be like. This process also allows for the freedom to explore many different possibilities and options; you won’t be limited by the initial design but instead will find this is just the starting point of discussion to determine the perfect spaces that will suite your family.

We understand how important every single detail can be and the effect that the smallest change can make on your dream home. With the use of Pinnacle’s DNA-Process™ along with our 3D modeling software, we have completely eliminated the uncertainty of how your final project will turn out from the very start. A visit to Pinnacle’s Customer satisfaction scores supports the fact that we are indeed capturing those important design nuances in every area of our client’s home design.