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Calgary Renovators: Common Mistakes Made During Bathroom Renovations

Calgary residents often consider starting bathroom renovations to improve their homes. This is one of the most common renovation projects homeowners initiate on their own; it is a space that frequently needs an update or reconfiguration as it is a high traffic area used by family and guests. Homeowners can wrongly make the assumption that because it is a smaller area, it is easy to undertake; this is not necessarily the case. Without the proper experience, a bathroom upgrade can easily result in a series of mistakes. Here are a few examples:

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Calgary Renovation Companies Help Improve Basements

Calgary residents considering basement renovations often lack the complete set of skills required to tackle the project themselves. They resolve to make minor cosmetic changes such as installing new flooring or painting the walls but they don’t benefit from improving the actual layout and making the most out of their basement living space. There are several trending options for transforming basement spaces; the most popular are adding on a games room, extra bedroom, hobby room, wine room, home theatre, workout room, or in some cases, homeowners have completely transformed the entire basement into the epitome of what is considered a […]

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Posh Kitchen Renovations in Calgary: Focusing on the Value of Space

One of the worst mistakes homeowners in Calgary make during the construction of their homes is designing a small and cramped kitchen. They give so much importance to other rooms in the house that they tend to neglect their kitchen’s workspace. The truth is, space can be all that matters in a kitchen. Bulky islands and too many cabinets, as well as a messy countertop, all contribute to a cluttered kitchen. This is a major contributing factor to homeowners deciding to embark on a kitchen renovation.  

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Upscale Home Renovations in Calgary—Avoiding Bathroom Design Blunders

Homeowners renovate their houses for a variety of reasons. Some want to improve on the comfort and lifestyle enhancement their home can bring, while others want to personalize their spaces. Regardless of the reason, most homeowners don’t want to end up with a bad renovation that will make them regret the project and require another renovation to address the problem. Among the parts of the home to work on, the bathroom is arguably the most complicated room and is therefore prone to mistakes.

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Quality Bathroom Renovations in Calgary Add Value to Basement Living

When you decide to integrate the basement into your daily living functions, an important point to remember is that your investment can pay off when you install a new bathroom, or upgrade the existing one in the room. You need a professional renovation specialist to ensure that everything—from design to construction goes right the first time. In his article for HouseLogic, Rich Binsacca said that while such an undertaking is “expensive,” there are several benefits that homeowners can derive from the project.

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Hire Renovation Companies in Calgary to Create an Inspired Entertainment Room

After a stressful and gruelling day at work, you deserve to unwind at home, in a relaxing space that you can call your own. The right renovation company can help you properly determine how to create the perfect environment for your family’s needs that supports a technology-enhanced lifestyle.

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Pinnacle Group Offers Free Assessment on Proposed Calgary Renovations

Calgary, Alberta (July 9, 2014) – The Pinnacle Group of Companies, a leading renovations and custom build company many homeowners recognize, continues to offer free assessments on proposed Calgary renovations and upscale building projects in the area. Customers who want to avail of this valuable service only need to go to Pinnacle’s website, click on the Free Assessment link, fill out the form, and wait for a Pinnacle Group representative to get in touch with them.

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Calgary Home Renovations Company Observes Anniversary of 2013 Flooding

Calgary, Alberta (July 25, 2014) – The Pinnacle Group, a leading Calgary home renovations and custom build company, has joined the people of Alberta in observing the anniversary of the 2013 flooding that destroyed many homes in the province’s capital. During this event, the company also took time to revisit Trish Dribnenki, a flooding victim whose home—and life—Pinnacle Group helped rebuild after the disaster.

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Calgary Bathroom Renovations Firm to Revamp a Crucial Design Tool

Calgary, Alberta (July 9, 2014) – Pinnacle Group, which provides world-class bathroom renovations in Calgary and the surrounding communities, is currently working on an editable, digital version of its popular design, needs, and alignment (DNA) document. Planned for release this August, the revamped tool will make the filling out and submission process easier for clients as both steps can now be accomplished online.

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Calgary Kitchen Renovations Company Launches Mobile Responsive Website

Calgary, Alberta (July 24, 2014) – Pinnacle Group, a Calgary kitchen renovations company known for detailed home improvement projects, recently launched the mobile responsive version of its website. This improvement makes web pages recognise the computer or gadget being used to view them. With the boost, Pinnacle’s online platform can now be accessed with ease on all types of devices and will continue to deliver superior customer experience.

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