Pinnacle Group has recently joined forces with Permit Masters; an innovative and forward-thinking company within our City that handles all aspects of the permit process – from application through approval!

Obtaining permits through the City can be a daunting process for Homeowners, and while Pinnacle has always handled this aspect of the renovation process for our Clients, our alliance with Permit Masters alleviates this step within our office and allows our staff to focus on the other aspects of the renovation process.

Permit Masters is a one-stop-shop for obtaining Calgary building and development permits for both commercial and residential clients. With extensive knowledge of the building industry and its bylaws, they effectively handle everything from application to approval and perform all necessary ‘in-between’ negotiations with the City. Their experience in dealing with Calgary building and development permits means they are able to manage applications and negotiations quickly and efficiently, resulting in faster approval.

Pinnacle’s partnership with Permit Masters ensures all building and development permits are properly processed and approved; our Clients are confident knowing that all aspects of their permit approvals are covered by industry professionals.

With numerous permits necessary for a single renovation project, we are thrilled with the services Permit Masters offers and look forward to enjoying their contribution to our processes!

For more information about Permit Masters and their specialized services, visit their website at

Paul Klassen; GM of Pinnacle Group Renovations has developed, and is in the process of patenting a new business initiative aimed at providing custom staging for Homeowners and Realtors alike! StageitSOLD™ is a revolutionary new approach to supporting the way Realtors and Homeowners manage the selling and purchasing of residential                                                                             properties.

This ground-breaking initiative is designed to assist Realtors in closing more sales, creating a marketing niche for their Clients, as well as an aid to Clients in selling their existing home. StageitSOLD™ also aids Clients in purchasing a property with the ‘hidden potential’ to become their ‘Dream Home’.

All of us are familiar with traditional staging; StageitSOLD™ simply takes that process to an entirely new level. The premise is simple; we assist Realtors and Homeowners in two very distinct and unique ways:

For the Selling Realtor… & Client looking to purchase their ideal property:
We help ensure Clients/Buyers don’t walk away from an ideal listing just because the home is dated; perhaps simply needing a new kitchen or possibly a whole-home makeover. We act as a consulting arm to stage the listing in StageitSOLD™ fashion by meeting with both the Realtor and Client at the property of interest. By simply giving us a call; one of our consultants will meet at the property; collaborate on the vision the purchasing Client wishes for the property; we then provide a preliminary renovation proposal on the spot. In many cases in our own experience, the Client purchases a mature property with the intent of a complete renovation update. With the ability to see the hidden potential, the Client has purchased their ideal home; the Selling Realtor has found the ideal property for the Buyer; and our parent company; Pinnacle Group, provides the custom renovation …truly a Win for all parties!

For the Listing Realtor…& Client wishing to sell their home:
We will completely stage an entire estate property that has great ‘bones’ but perhaps has not been updated in years and is stuck in an era with less than fond memories. We will either provide a DVD showing a feature property of what has been done for other homeowners, or we will create a distinctive design in fabulous 3D showing what this property could look like in its transformed glory! We arrange setup on a flat-screen TV at the Open House to show visiting buyers how this home could be transformed. We assist the Listing Realtor in creating a niche for marketing their listings, as well as assist in bringing in a higher price for the selling Client. The Client is able to sell their property based on the 3D transformation; our parent company; Pinnacle Group, has the potential for another renovation; the Listing Realtor has sold the property, and the family selling their home achieves a quicker sale turnaround, not to mention the potential of a higher selling price! Another Win for all parties!

We encourage all Realtors to offer this enhanced marketing opportunity and purchasing flexibility to all their clients. We also encourage all clients looking to list their home or those looking to find their ideal property to ask their Realtor to incorporate this unique and highly effective marketing tool.

StageitSOLD™ has several phases of development, including news on a unique mortgage-staging offering by our friends at BMO™; stay tuned as we unveil additional elements of this exciting initiative!

To check out our dynamic video click on the link below!

In stride with full disclosure policy with RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta); StageitSOLD™ pays a referral fee to the Realtor/Brokerage should the Client choose to renovate their newly purchased property.

Pinnacle Group is launching an exclusive Renovation Tour this Saturday, May 7th open to Pinnacle invitees only! This one day event will allow guests to tour one of our fully completed projects, ask questions of our knowledgeable staff and suppliers, and discuss the overall case study of this project.

This opportunity, graciously granted to us by our homeowner client, is a gorgeous bungalow in the prestigious Pump Hill neighbourhood. Nominated as a SAM FINALIST for Best Home Renovation without Addition, this tired 70’s home received an extensive make-over.

This exclusive event designed to view a completed Pinnacle project, allows guests to fully appreciate the ‘hidden potential’ a renovation can reveal! This all inclusive, full interior makeover included being completely gutted to the studs, a complete re-configuration of the main floor allowing for a spectacular front Foyer stairwell relocation, the inclusion of a massive roof dormer strategically placed in the Great Room to capture the fabulous wash of natural light from its East-facing location, and many other wonderful updates. Finishing the makeover package with a subtle exterior makeover; truly makes this home a showcase worth touring!

An additional bonus to this year’s Renovation Tour is a draw for a free iPad Touch; for simply taking the time to visit us this Saturday, each guest will be entered into a draw to win one of Apple’s™ most beloved products!

Stop by and see us at <Address Removed for Homeowner Privacy!>; this exclusive one-time only Tour will be open from 11:00am – 5:00pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Barry Johnson, Operations Manager

There have been some exciting changes around the Pinnacle office recently! Two of our key Team Members have recently changed positions within our company, bringing their involvement in our process to a whole new level!

Barry Johnson, formerly our Production Manager, has taken on a new set of responsibilities to become our Operations Manager! Barry comes from a background heavily involved in customer relations; he was a partner in a retail chain for 10 years before becoming a Service Technician at Morrison Homes. After 6 years with Morrison he joined the Pinnacle Team and has been an integral part ever since! Since joining Pinnacle in 2006, he has been involved in the conception and implementation of numerous processes; as well as daily involvement with staff, clients and trade partners. His honesty, steady character and natural problem solving skills have made him an ideal candidate for upper management. Barry’s new role will see him stepping into the supervision of all areas of the company, and will give him an even greater ability to implement positive changes moving forward.

Jeff Moss, Renovation Consultant

Jeff Moss is moving from his current position of Site Supervisor to become our newest Renovation Consultant, and will be entering the fast-paced world of sales! Jeff formerly owned a residential painting company, and has extensive industry knowledge as well as outstanding charisma with staff and clients alike. After joining Pinnacle in 2008, Jeff immediately began shining as an incredible over-achiever and go-getter. Always going above & beyond to ensure our clients are thrilled with their completed renovation, Jeff has proved himself to be a natural people-person, and is sure to be a perfect fit in the Sales Team! Jeff’s new position will see him involved in fine-tuning our current processes, as well as collaborating to implement positive changes in the future.

Congratulations, Barry and Jeff on your exciting new positions! We look forward to your success in these new roles in the days ahead!

Jerome's Living Kitchen

What a spectacular event! Pinnacle’s recent Evening to Remember at Jerome’s Appliance Gallery was a huge success; with 45 guests in attendance, it was a chance for both past revered clients as well as those new to the Pinnacle Family to mix, mingle and enjoy fantastic Hors d’oeuvres prepared by Executive Chef, Gregg Trimming.

Formerly Executive Chef of the Banff Springs Hotel, Gregg is a renowned culinary artist with a dynamic and engaging personality!  The evening was filled with delicious appetizers prepared before our eyes; from beef stuffed pastry, to satay chicken with peanut sauce, to amazing mushroom bruschetta! Gregg also shared a ‘trick of the trade’ and held an informal demonstration on the correct method for cutting onions – who knew there was such a thing!

Besides enjoying the food and beverages, guests were also treated to demonstrations of Pinnacle’s new Web Based Software; everyone was in awe of the capabilities of this software and past customers said they would have loved to utilize this software on their projects.

As a climax to the evening, a draw was held for a dinner for 6 at Jerome’s Appliance Gallery, with Gregg preparing custom dishes for the occasion. The fortunate recipients of this fantastic prize were Tim & Elaine Godfrey, who were smiling ear to ear as they were presented with the certificate!

It was an incredible night filled with new connections made within the Pinnacle Community; educating guests about what Pinnacle and Jerome’s have to offer; but above all a fun, relaxed, and entertaining evening!

Executive Chef Gregg Trimming

Buttered Prawns

Barry, Tiffany & Stephanie enjoying stimulating conversation

Tim & Elaine Godfrey, winners of dinner for 6 at Jerome's

Paul with Pinnacle Ice Sculpture

The Pinnacle Group has recently been nominated for the Better Business Bureau’s Business Ethics Awards! These awards are offered in 4 categories; Small Business (25 or less employees), Medium Business (26 to 75 employees), Large Business (76 or more employees) and Non Profit/Charity.

The awards are designed to recognize trustworthy businesses and organizations that display ethical leadership in our community; nominations are received anonymously, and candidates are evaluated by an independent panel of judges from the business and academic communities. The following criteria are used to determine the recipients of these respected awards:

  1. Ethical practices surrounding customer/supplier relationships
  2. History and reputation of ethical practices in the community
  3. Marketing, advertising, communications, and sales practices
  4. Employee training and staff policies
  5. Evidence of financial responsibility

The 2011 Business Ethics Awards will be held on Wednesday, May 4th at the Westin Calgary. We sincerely wish each nominee the very best in the award presentation!

Pinnacle will be launching another new initiative the beginning of April, designed to provide visiting guests a chance to view a renovation currently underway! We will be opening up a few homes under construction at varying stages in the renovation process, giving you an opportunity to tour the project! Our knowledgeable Renovation Consultants, as well as a number of our skilled Trade Partners will be on hand to answer your questions.

This mid-construction Tour gives you a chance to see all the newest building technologies, energy efficiency initiatives, and the latest construction methods which are all hidden ‘behind the drywall’ in a typical showhome. We’re opening up these homes for you to see all those trade ‘secrets’ before we close up the walls!

Come join us for a tour of one of our current projects; view before pictures and 3D plans of the renovation changes, enjoy complimentary Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts, and ask your various questions to members of our experienced Team!

Our first tour will be held Saturday April 9th, from 10:00am-3:00pm in Lake Bonavista. For address and directions please call our office at: 403-720-8789. We look forward to seeing you there…!

Pinnacle Group is very excited to announce the launch of a new software program within our company! Our new Web Based Software allows shared documentation between our staff, homeowners, and subcontractors for all aspects of a renovation project; keeping the information literally at everyone’s fingertips!

Accessible via personalized internet log-in, this software allows real-time 24/7 access to contracts, scheduling information, changes and notifications, selections, photos, warranty management, and much more. Each of our subcontractors & homeowners are able to stay involved in all aspects of the production process with streamlined internal documentation sharing. Subcontractors are able to view all schedules simultaneously to avoid potential conflicts, and our Production Manager is able to avoid scheduling the same contractor on multiple concurrent projects.

We are thrilled to see the potential for streamlining our procedures, and look forward to utilizing this software to its full capability!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest member of the Pinnacle Team; Office Administrator, Stephanie Waddell!

Stephanie comes to us with numerous years experience in both the construction industry and customer relations. Prior to joining Pinnacle, she was employed at Nuway Floor Fashions where she worked her way up the corporate ladder from Receptionist to Builder Liaison. Possessing both extensive industry knowledge and a fervent attention to details, Stephanie has quickly become an integral part of the Pinnacle office. Serving as the “gate keeper” for all correspondence and “air traffic control” for paperwork flow, she is the hub of all administrative responsibilities!

With everlasting composure and keen to take on new challenges, Stephanie is a wonderful addition to the Team. We are excited to welcome her aboard and look forward to what lies ahead!

Pinnacle Group takes great care in constructing the most comfortable, yet eco-friendly homes possible, which is why we partner with Calgary’s premier Trades and Suppliers, such as Accu-Temp Heating & Cooling Ltd.

Accu-Temp, owned & operated by Nate Burlando, is an HVAC and Air Conditioning specialist, installing all furnaces, ductwork and air conditioning for Pinnacle projects. Continually on the search for improved technologies and products, Accu-Temp installs only the best in their industry. From ultra-high efficient furnaces & humidifiers, to a software program designed to perfectly calculate the ducting required for each individual home, every detail is covered.

Accu-Temp supplies and installs the ultra-high efficient York furnace in many Pinnacle projects; these furnaces are rated as 98% efficient, and are equipped with DC volt variable speed blower motors, which reduce electrical consumption by up to 80%! A high-efficiency furnace provides your home with ideal heating comfort while using less energy than other models. Along with each furnace, Accu-Temp installs user-friendly programmable thermostats which allow the temperature of the home to be set to various levels throughout the day, reducing the need for the furnace to run continuously and heat during the warm parts of the afternoon, or when no one is home. Water saving humidifiers are also installed for Pinnacle’s client family’s; the Honeywell by-pass flow-through high efficiency humidifier uses 35-50% less water than the typical drip style humidifier.

One of the most innovative items utilized by Accu-Temp is a software program that perfectly calculates the necessary heating & cooling requirements for each individual project. The architectural blueprints are loaded into the program, along with the R value of insulation in the walls & attic, the type of windows being installed, and the direction house is facing. The program knows the average daily temperature where the house is located; and based on this and all information entered, calculates the entire heating/cooling requirements; both the size of ductwork required & how many vents are needed for each room. In this way, the heat load & loss are perfectly calculated so the furnace, air conditioning & duct work can be properly sized to fit the house.

From a workmanship perspective; one glance at Accu-Temp’s furnace room says it all! Where many times the furnace room details are forgotten….Accu-Temp truly shows their pride of workmanship. From vertical flues and piping that is installed using a builder’s level, to wiring perfectly strung and attached to control modules, to carefully placed and fastened condensate drain lines…we sometimes think that Nate and his staff learned their trade at Kennedy Space Centre! Suffice it say; when Accu-Temp steps away from a newly installed furnace system, your furnace room may just be a room you bring your friends to…. and admire the masterful workmanship!

Additional to supplying and installing top-of the line products, Accu-Temp also helps Pinnacle’s customer’s quality for the Alberta Energy Rebate program; Pinnacle clients may receive as much as $500.00 back from the government for each of their new furnace purchases.

With so many benefits and attention to the smallest detail, Pinnacle is proud to endorse Accu-Temp as one of our premiere Trade partnerships!