Top 10 Questions to Consider When Interviewing your Renovator

When you bring contractors, carpenters, plumbers and assorted workmen into your home, you are potentially opening up a significant portion of your family’s home life to them. Not only do you need to confirm that they are competent professionals, it’s imperative that you assess their integrity as well. You want to know that not only can you trust them to orchestrate the project correctly, but they must also respect your family, your home, and its contents. You can avoid most serious problems with a little planning and foresight. You want both capable and honest workers in your home, and you […]

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Sam Award Finalist Project Highlighted At Calgary Spring Reno Tour

May is off to a great start with Pinnacle Group Renovations recently showcasing one of our latest Sam Award Finalist projects in this year’s Calgary Spring Reno Tour. It was a fabulous opportunity to share our expertise and craftsmanship with Calgarians looking to embark on their own renovation. Biannually, Calgary Renovators who are both members of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Calgary Region (CHBA-Calgary Region) and RenoMark™ open the doors to completed renovation project(s) of their choice. This year, Pinnacle Group Renovations was one of ten companies that participated. Many hours of planning are invested in the event to […]

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CHBA-Calgary Region & RenoMark™ Reno Tours

This past Saturday, May 1st marked Pinnacle Group Renovation’s 5th year participating in the bi-annual (Spring & Fall) Calgary Reno Tour hosted by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Calgary Region (CHBA-Calgary Region) and RenoMark™. The first year Pinnacle participated, it quickly became evident what a valuable opportunity this was to showcase to potential clients just how far reaching a renovation can be. Renovations truly can change the way you live in your home, correcting previous design mistakes, which is often paramount in older homes. The tour allows Pinnacle to show- in living colour – how much a floor plan […]

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