The Pinnacle Team have all arrived home safely after our trip to Florida for the International Business Show & visit to Disney! Most of us returned last week, but Paul & Elaine stayed for a few extra days to enjoy a well deserved vacation.

The entire trip was a huge success; the IBS was chock full of the latest building and remodelling products & trends, and almost every workshop our team attended was beneficial and relevant to our industry. Paul, Barry & Jeff were able to review and purchase a new software program that will greater enhance our productivity and communication both with our trades as well as our customers – we’re extremely excited about this & looking forward to rolling it out in the very near future!

Saturday was a ‘fun’ day as we all visited Epcot together; it was the first time many of the team had been to Disney so for some it was a fast paced day to pack in as much as possible! Visiting the World Pavilions we were able to get a glimpse of other countries in ‘small scale’; from Chinese acrobats to a ride on a Norwegian ship, it was a day full of entertainment. To cap it all off, we stayed for the fabulous firework show over the lake – definitely one of the very best firework displays we’ve ever seen!

The entire trip was a tremendous team-building experience, and allowed us to enjoy spending time with one another outside of our typical work environment. It was an incredible incentive, and enormously enjoyed and appreciated by all. Thanks again, Paul & Elaine for creating a wonderful memory for Team Pinnacle!

Dsc 0001 680x1024

International Builders Show

Dsc 0008 1024x680

Lisa & Isaac ready to walk the show

Dsc 0002 1024x941

Barry at the show

Dsc 0017 1024x680

Paul & Rob at the IBS

Dsc 0073 1024x699

Team Pinnacle in Disney!

Dsc 0140 1024x680

Paul & Elaine at Epcot

Dsc 0210 1024x680

Fireworks at Epcot