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How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost in Calgary, Alberta?

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost in Calgary, Alberta? Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a gathering place, a warm refuge on a chilly night, a center of activity at the end of a long day. Keeping your kitchen up to date and looking at its best can help make your time at home more enjoyable, and can improve your home’s value. While kitchen renovations can be costly, good planning and budgeting can make this important home improvement project affordable. Whether you’re planning a modest remodel or an all-out re-shaping of your kitchen’s floorplan, you can

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The Benefits of the Design-Build Model

The Benefits of the Design-Build Model There are typically two sides to every Renovation: the Architectural perspective and the Builder perspective. The coordination and collaboration of both sides is critically important in determining what is designed and what is actually built.

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The Open Concept

Open concept living spaces are common in today’s home designs with several factors influencing their rise in popularity. One of the predominant influences is the rise in dual-income households. Our lifestyles are based around partnership, with household duties now being shared.

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Best Partner in Accessible Homes – Accessible Homes Inc.

Accessible Homes CAN be both functional AND aesthetic at the same time! Here at Pinnacle Group, we are committed to providing solutions that serve our clients’ personalized needs.

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Post Completion Warranty

How seriously do we take post completion customer service and warranty? We call our clients and walk them through their home and answer any questions, educate them on maintenance of every detail ensuring the longevity and enjoyment of every detail of their home, 90 days after completion! Thank you to Jerome’s Appliance Gallery, Arpis, Floors with Flair, Digital Lifestyles,  Pinnacle Custom Cabinets.

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Beautiful Cabinet Project

Custom Cabinets Don’t Need to be a Secret This project shows an “in progress” view of our custom cabinetry. For more information on getting your own custom kitchen, Click Here

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5 Experts You Need To Know As A Homeowner

As a homeowner, we recommend you have a network of professionals to help save you money and add value to your home. Renovating Services: Keeping your home updated is essential to the lifespan of your home. Whether it is keeping up with your kids or the aging structure of your house, you need to make sure that your home fulfils your needs and keeps you safe. Any upgrade you invest in will have a return, whether it is efficiency or increased home value. Real Estate Services: It goes unsaid that real estate agents have the most information on the value

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The Power of Kitchen Renovations in Calgary’s Current Housing Market

Calgary kitchen remodelling offers several benefits such as increasing the value of a home and taking advantage of what may have otherwise been an inefficient use of space. It has recently been shown that the average benchmark price for a Calgary home is $436,500 dollars. The reason that this is important is that with an apparently stagnant housing market, many owners are now looking to renovate to increase the value and appeal of their property. Why are kitchen renovations such popular options?

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Discover Some of the Wonderful Benefits of Home Renovations in Calgary

Calgary home renovations offer several benefits including increased levels of comfort and custom spaces that meet the needs of all family members. Calgary has recently made the news due to what can only be called an unprecedented boom in relation to the construction of new homes. It is important to keep in mind, however, that renovations on an existing property can offer some wonderful benefits.

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Property Renovation Around Calgary: A Look at Bathroom Renovations

Renovating bathrooms in Calgary is an excellent way to add a bit of appeal to any home while lowering monthly bills within a relatively short amount of time. There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas within any home. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that bathroom renovations are quite popular for a number of reasons. What are a handful of advantages that such projects can offer?

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