Calgary Bathroom Renovations Group Features Client Feedback on Website

Calgary, Alberta (March 7, 2014) – The trusted expert in bathroom renovations in Calgary, Pinnacle Group has posted an updated version of their client assessment results page on their website. Client interviews are performed after the completion of every Pinnacle project by a third party assessment firm, Client Insight Inc.; the results are now presented on the company’s site in a new, easy-to-interpret format.

Founder and CEO Paul Klassen has always been devoted to capturing the essence of the company’s client families to gain a better understanding of their specific needs. In many ways, he has made it his personal mission to promote healthy family values, including honest communication. This is the driving force behind the entire team’s commitment to putting the primary focus on their clients and making sure that their needs always come first.

Each client assessment provides Pinnacle with the opportunity to improve and enhance their Calgary bathroom renovation techniques, as well as all other aspects of the many projects that they take on. The company utilizes these interviews to continually measure and improve their results, as well as to view and recognize varied client experiences from a different standpoint.

Feedback is presented under the Customer Surveys and Testimonials section on the company’s website. Visitors can access customer comments and find out what they valued most about working with Pinnacle; gathering true insight into the Pinnacle experience from the clients’ perspective.  The company’s hope is that these results will help past, present, and future clients truly understand the group’s commitment to transparency and their passion in providing the very best client experience possible.

For more information about the group and to see what clients have to say about their services, visit

About Pinnacle Group

The organization is composed of a remarkable group of trades, suppliers, and knowledgeable staff who are committed to implementing the best practices in the industry. The company provides custom home building and renovation services, and raises the bar for excellence by offering the Pinnacle SCC 3-Way Guarantee™ that covers their clients’ project start date, completion date, and cost.