Calgary, Alberta (July 25, 2014) – The Pinnacle Group, a leading Calgary home renovations and custom build company, has joined the people of Alberta in observing the anniversary of the 2013 flooding that destroyed many homes in the province’s capital. During this event, the company also took time to revisit Trish Dribnenki, a flooding victim whose home—and life—Pinnacle Group helped rebuild after the disaster.

Trish Dribnenki, a devoted single mother who worked hard to raise her son Oliver, lost everything she had in last year’s floods. The catastrophic event left the Dribnenki family with nothing but belongings soaked in mud and water. They had no money except a little amount from insurance that was not even enough to start a home renovation in Calgary. Trish poured all her frustrations during a flood victims’ forum, where Paul Klassen and his team were moved to start a concerted effort to do whatever they can to help Trish and the other victims out.

One year since the unfortunate event, Trish and the other beneficiaries of Pinnacle Group’s initiative are now back on their feet and living in renovated homes that represent new beginnings and a hope for brighter tomorrows. These renovation projects were all done last year with the help of community volunteers and support of suppliers that donated much needed materials. Pinnacle, volunteers, and material donors performed the renovations quickly, but with the assurance that that they did not cut corners when it came to quality and craftsmanship.

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