This past Saturday, May 1st marked Pinnacle Group Renovation’s 5th year participating in the bi-annual (Spring & Fall) Calgary Reno Tour hosted by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Calgary Region (CHBA-Calgary Region) and RenoMark™.

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The first year Pinnacle participated, it quickly became evident what a valuable opportunity this was to showcase to potential clients just how far reaching a renovation can be. Renovations truly can change the way you live in your home, correcting previous design mistakes, which is often paramount in older homes. The tour allows Pinnacle to show- in living colour – how much a floor plan can be changed to work for the owners, rather than struggling to make the home work for them.

Previous to the creation of the Calgary Reno Tour, renovation clients had no real “show home” to look at unlike the vast array of examples available when shopping for a new home. The advent of the Calgary Reno Tour changed all of this. Participation in the event requires one or more of Pinnacle’s valued clients to graciously open up their newly renovated home to the public to view, and this is not something Pinnacle takes lightly! Fortunate for us, our customers continue to be our loyal cheering squad and they are willing and eager to promote our craftsmanship and we make sure we thank them in royal style!

Calgary Renovators participating in this popular event must be members of the Canadian Home Builders Association as well as RenoMark™ members. By virtue of these two memberships, comes the opportunity to participate in the Reno Tour.

RenoMark™ is an incredible initiative started five years ago in an effort to raise the bar in an industry that is unfortunately littered with illegitimate renovators, with unscrupulous business practices, that have left a negative perception in the local marketplace. This Association’s goal it to provide consumers with access to companies that provide high-quality, skilled, experienced and ethical renovators.

To become a RenoMark™ renovator you must first be a CHBA member and then complete a rigid screening process, complying with the CHBA- Calgary Region’s code of ethics as well as multiple levels of a renovation-specific code of conduct.  As well, the renovator must be a bonded, licensed contractor that provides warranties, understands the value of customer service and is committed to continuing education in regards to current trends, materials and regulations. Hiring a RenoMark™ renovator provides the customer with an added sense of comfort and security knowing that they are dealing with a reputable company that in all aspects has been pre-screened by experts in the industry.

Pinnacle Group Renovations is a proud RenoMark™ member and Owner and President Paul Klassen has been heavily involved in the Association from the beginning. In 2010 he was nominated by his peers to be the Chair for the RenoMark™ Council. This requires many volunteer hours but it is an organization Paul is very committed to and he considers it an honour to work alongside the best of Calgary’s contractors, many of whom who have served on various boards at the Federal level.

A special thank you to some of our friends that helped make Pinnacle’s Reno Tour a Success!

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