What Do Our Clients Think About Pinnacle Group?

Client Testimonials & Reviews from Third-Party Research

Overall Impression

This chart shows the results of the Overall Impression of the client experience with the Pinnacle Group. For example, 95% of clients feel that Pinnacle provided the technical expertise required for their project.

100% Satisfied with the Overal Quality of Pinnacle’s Workmanship

95%Pinnacle provided the technical expertise required for our project

89%Our project started on schedule

89%Our project was completed in alignment with the original cost proposal

90%We will recommend neighbors & friends to the Pinnacle Group

Design & Production Experience

The above chart shows the feedback results of what Pinnacle Group clients experience in the purchase and design phase of their project. For example, 95% of clients say that Pinnacle’s staff were pleasant and professional.

95% Pinnacle’s Reno Consultant Listened & Understood Uur Needs

95%Pinnacle’s Staff Were Pleasant & Professional

100% We Are Pleased with the Design of Our Project

95% The Site Supervisor demonstrated knowledge & understanding of our project

89% Post Project issues were resolved in a timely manner

Why Do We Depend on a Third-Party to Gather Reviews From Our Clients?

A Vision for Responsibility & Accountability

Paul Klassen, General Manager and Founder of Pinnacle Group, has always been passionate about capturing the essence of Pinnacle’s Client families, creating unique spaces that support their needs. He in many ways has made it his mission to support the family unit, encouraging healthy, connected families with honest values. In tandem with this is the belief that the entire team at Pinnacle Group from the Renovation Consultant and Site Supervisor, to the various Trades and Suppliers are responsible for delivering a compelling, superior Client experience; organically fuelled by the Client’s needs and always keeping the Client as the primary focus.

Client Insights Logo

Entrusting Client Insights Inc. to Acquire Client Reviews

Pinnacle Group put this belief to the test in 2004 when Paul retained Client Insight Inc. to perform post project Client interviews to measure the results.

Today, we can confidently say that these third party assessment reviews have become an integral part of Pinnacle’s business process, providing a crystal clear understanding of our Clients’ experiences. Leaving no stone unturned, the reviews provides the opportunity to continually improve and enhance Pinnacle’s renovation process, keep management informed and ensure quality and excellence. The Client feedback in many ways drives project completion and enhances Pinnacle’s corporate culture.

As well, the results are used for training Employees, Suppliers and Trades. For Pinnacle, creating the ultimate Client experience speaks volumes, translating simultaneously into Customer loyalty and with loyalty comes the highest form of praise – referring Clients!

So why have we decided to publicly share our findings?

Our Client reviews accurately reflect what makes Pinnacle unique and we embrace the opportunity to provide this transparency; what better way for a future Client to gain insight, build trust and even be inspired by allowing them a glimpse into the experience directly from the Voice of the Customer. These reviews offer a true to life synopsis of our projects gathered from our Clients’ perspective.

Our hope is that by sharing these results with you, you will truly realize our commitment to providing the very best renovation experience possible.

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