Calgary, Alberta (March 7, 2014) – A video documenting the charitable project for the Calgary flood victim, nurse and single mother, Trish Dribnenki was recently released. The project was performed by Pinnacle Group, one of the most trusted Calgary custom home builders.

Dribnenki, who recently won the Registered Psychiatric Nurse of the Year Award for 2013, lost almost everything in her basement condo when the 2013 Alberta floods ravaged Calgary. After experiencing difficulty securing flood assistance, a chance meeting with Pinnacle Group led to the rebuilding of her home for nothing more than what her insurance could provide.

The video was created after Laura O’Grady from Spotlight Video approached the home renovations firm to cover the project. O'Grady was already working with Dribnenki on a documentary featuring her community involvement as a psychiatric nurse helping Calgary inmates. This film showcases how Pinnacle Group tackled the project, sometimes working after hours in order to complete the job despite their already busy schedules. 

After seeing her rebuilt basement condo, Dribnenki was undoubtedly touched by the gesture of generosity. “I look at every nook and cranny in this house and see someone helping,” she said. “It feels like a totally warm hug of support, like everyone was just so generous in thinking of others, which was really amazing.”

Remarking on the project, Pinnacle Group Founder and CEO Paul Klassen was delighted at what they had been able to achieve. “[That] they’re feeling a relief they’re [going to] be back in their home, in their own beds tonight, is probably the most gratifying of all,” he said. “It's so gratifying to give back, because that’s what Calgarians do, they step up, they deliver, and they take care of their fellow Calgarian.”

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