Hoping to give your home a makeover? Here’s a valuable tip from an article by Gina Makkar published in Our Homes digital magazine:

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"If you are planning to renovate your home, you may be asking what room to tackle first […]. When planning a home improvement project, it's important to keep a few things in mind. What you get back on your investment depends on many variables, including the value of your home, the value of the homes in your neighborhood and the climate of the housing market.

One of the best reasons to renovate a home is to enjoy living in it. Careful planning and thoughtful changes will allow you to enjoy your space now and pay off in the future."

The basement is one of the largest spaces you can tackle when it comes to home improvement. It is an expansive canvas that renovation companies in Calgary can help beautifully transform into a luxurious, functional area that suites your lifestyle needs. Here are some ideas for you to find renewed enjoyment in your basement:

  • Functional Rooms

Traditional basement requirements like laundry rooms and storage areas are commonly requested but can be executed stylishly. The basement can also incorporate a cozy, personal office.

  • Entertainment Area or Lounge

An additional living room complete with TV and stereo equipment or a mini-theater can be created. A sophisticated bar is perfect for gatherings. For low-key leisure, have a library with comfortable couches installed.

  • Recreation Center

Get engaged into indoor sports with a ping-pong or pool table. Gym equipment for fitness buffs can also be set up. Hobbyists can enjoy workshops or crafts rooms.

  • Bedroom Suite

Kids or young adults would love their own space. Larger areas can be completed with a study or work area, a walk-in closet, and a spacious bath.

  • Personalized Spaces

Basements can also accommodate a variety of personalized spaces like wine rooms, spa bathrooms, and music, dance or arts and crafts studios. 

Once you decide which basement makeover idea interests you, consult with remodeling professionals. Fortunately, leading contractors like Pinnacle Group offer services for basement renovations in Calgary. Take the initiative and check out your options in converting your drab basement into a well-designed luxury space that is custom designed for you and your family.
(Article Information and Image from Ten Home Renovation Projects that Add Impact and Value, Our Homes – Calgary and Area, Winter 2014 Issue)