How To Achieve A 5-Star Renovation Experience – 1st Star Criterion!

Recently we have been discussing the idea of what distinguishes a Five-Star Renovation experience using the analogy of a hotel/resort experience.

Follow along this blog series to discover what you should be looking for to ensure you receive a Five-Star home-makeover experience with your chosen Renovation Professional!

To begin with you must first determine what caliber of ‘Renovation Store’ you are shopping at? Or using the analogy of a hotel/resort; how many ‘Stars’ are you willing to invest in? Would it be feasible to think that choosing a Five-Star builder would reflect in the outcome of your Renovation experience?

If you watch any HGTV you’ll know that sadly, finding a Renovation firm with integrity really is like navigating a minefield. Is it even possible to mitigate your risks upwards of 95%?

Having spent over 28 years in this industry (at the time of writing this blog); it’s still amazing how many Consumers have the paradigm that Renovations are somehow different than any other investment or purchase. Worse still is the sad fact that shortcuts and shoddy building practices behind the walls are largely unnoticed or unknown by many Consumers; yet it’s these elements that contribute to the comfort, quality, safety and peace of mind that comes as a result of a quality-focused, versus a quantity focused Builder.

Therefore, our first ‘Star’ criterion offered here today as a way to avert risk when awarding a Renovation firm your project, is to ask or better yet be offered, a tour of a home project BEFORE the drywall is installed. Even better would be to have each one of the experts involved in the installation of each sub-trade discipline be on site to discuss the quality of their installation. At Pinnacle Group, we refer to these tours as Pre-board tours and we regularly open the doors to the public to view these projects in progress. Showcasing our projects in progress is essential because it provides insight into Pinnacle’s attention to detail and concern with every aspect of the project. For us it is not just about the finished aesthetics; it is about the entire functioning of the home. We cannot live our creed Creating Homes For Life™, without complete due diligence to the entire build process. Attendees of these tours are amazed as they cannot believe the level of craftsmanship and the intricacies of the decisions that are incorporated at this point in the build process that significantly affect the entire home. Seeing this first hand provides a whole different view point into the level of commitment we have to building the very best for our Clients; as well, it demonstrates the incredible quality of our Trades.

Hopefully this series of posts designed to educate and challenge paradigms will help you navigate your way to a successful Renovation or Custom Home Build.

More ‘Star’ criterion to be continued in future posts!  To be taken to our 2-Star Criterion click here!