How To Achieve A 5-Star Renovation Experience – 2nd Star Criterion!

We are continuing our series on how to achieve a Five-Star Renovation Experience using the deliberate resort/hotel analogy. We suggest you determine at the START of your Builder selection process, how many ‘Stars’ you are wishing to experience before, during and after your Home Makeover. These three distinct stages are comprised of:

  • Before – Interview & Discovery Process
  • During – Project Construction Period
  • After – Warranty & Service

For now, we will focus on the Before Stage. During your interview with the Builder you are considering, followed by the Design Discovery process, ask yourself these questions:

1. On a scale of 1-10, how important is it for you to determine exactly what space planning, aesthetics, and key home comfort combinations/solutions make the most sense for your family?

2. Is there unquestionable professionalism, integrity, care, concern and intense dialogue regarding your family’s needs taking place? Does every meeting, phone call, site tour, team member introduction, increase your TRUST or are there early warning signs?

3. Are there clear indications that you are dealing with professionals? Are they operating from a professional office setting or at their kitchen table or the tailgate of their pickup truck?  Know the signs!

To err is human, we all get that. However, simple things like not receiving a prompt follow up call, showing up late for appointments, lack of organized meeting agendas, poor quality promotional materials or online presence, and overall lack of professionalism is a clear sign that you will not receive the 5-Star home transformation experience you are hoping for.

In summary, our second ‘Star’ criterion would be to expect absolute engagement from every member of the Builder’s team of professionals (Architect, Renovation Consultant, Project Manager, Kitchen Designer, and Interior Designer). They need to be able to capture the essence of your present and future family needs. You should expect clear tools and an inclusive questioning document or process that truly digs up nuances and design needs that you may not have initially thought of. The simple truth is, the more intense the Design Discovery Process, the more likely your final results will meet each and every requirement for every member of your family, which translates to outstanding value and return on your Renovation investment.

Every member of your family should be validated and feel important and you should unequivocally feel like the team you are working with understands how you want to FEEL, as you step into your newly Renovated or Custom Built home!

Come back soon to see the criterion for a 3-Star Renovation Experience.