Fifth Star Criterion Part B!

As you anticipate moving into your new spaces, you and your family have been through a significant process we refer to as ‘Delayed Gratification’. In many cases your project took months to design, then many months to build and now you are about to be handed the keys to your newly transformed home.

Your final days prior to taking possession should include a thorough walk through with you and the Site Supervisor to address any areas of concern and then correct them to your satisfaction. A clear indication of a Top-Drawer Experienceis that your Renovation Team will proactively correct areas of Quality Control that they don’t deem satisfactory without you having to point these items out.

Finally your home will be delivered back to you in SPOTLESS condition; including a complete furnace and duct-work clean and all leftover materials removed from your home and property.

At your magical Turnover day, there should be an air of excitement not only from you and your family but also from the entire Team that was involved in your Home Makeover! Don’t be surprised if several of the Trades, Staff and Designers involved in your project are on hand to offer congratulatory wishes; as everyone takes this opportunity to welcome you back HOME.

Compare that experience to your Builder suddenly going MIA because they refuse to own up to final resolutions to ensure your absolute delight. Do your due-diligence (with absolute resolve) and your experience will not be one of absolute dismay but of absolute delight!

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