Calgary, Alberta (November 22, 2013) – Pinnacle Group, one of the leading home renovation companies in Calgary, helped June 2013 spring flood victim Trish Dribnenki rebuild her basement condo. The company met her during the community service event they hosted last August where flood victims could direct their questions regarding post-flood rebuilding to industry professionals and experts.


Trish Dribnenki and her son Oliver had been living in their Sunnyside basement condominium for fifteen years when heavy rainfalls brought the worst flooding catastrophe in Alberta’s history, destroying thousands of properties. With most of their belongings soaked and rendered useless, the Dribnenki family was devastated and left homeless. The condominium board and her insurer were able to give her some insurance money amounting to $35,000, which was just about half of the estimated rebuilding cost not including appliances and other possessions. 

Inspired by her story, Pinnacle Group offered to help her by designing and rebuilding her home for no more than the amount of the insurance money. Reaching out to their dedicated trades and suppliers, Pinnacle was moved by the outpouring of support and commitment to helping this family get back on their feet.  Together with the help of Dribnenki’s friends and this act of goodwill by the Pinnacle team, the renovation was made possible in a record amount of time. Many of the labour and materials including kitchen and plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and electrical installations were provided either free of charge or at cost by Pinnacle’s network; this meant that incredibly, the final bill came in much less than the allotted budget which then allowed for some left over funds to be used for furnishings, linens, and clothing.

Pinnacle treated Trish no different than any one of their large scale renovation or custom build clients and ensured that the due diligence was done up front to determine the requirements of this rebuild unique to this family. Even though this project was completed in record time, there were no short cuts taken or any sacrifice in craftsmanship. It was an incredibly rewarding project for the Pinnacle team who is experienced in handling various projects like kitchen and basement renovations in Calgary. The company was able to complete the transformation and had the family resume their life in the comfort of their own home by mid-October.

On their Facebook page, Pinnacle Group acknowledges the generous help and contributions of all those who made the renovation a big success. Dribnenki and her son were finally able to return to their home after 135 days of living temporarily with friends. Together with the trades and suppliers who helped with the project, Pinnacle staff attended the official Dribnenki Welcome-Home party, which Global TV covered.