Calgary, Alberta (December 26, 2013) –Pinnacle Group, one of the leading home renovation companies in Calgary, recently implemented changes to their website’s photo gallery to help homeowners find inspiration for their own renovation projects. The company has introduced room-specific galleries to complement their ever-growing collection of completed renovation photos.

Previously, the Pinnacle Group’s photo gallery only featured complete home renovation pictures. The decision to segment the gallery arose from the insight that not all customers may be particularly inclined to renovate their homes completely. In turn, they implemented the change to benefit client families who are interested in contracting their services for room-specific renovation projects.

Aside from the company’s familiar complete home renovation gallery, their website now features separate galleries for kitchen, bath and ensuite, basement, and exterior makeovers. Each gallery contains a slideshow of stunning photographs featuring the renovation projects of previous clients. Homeowners who are aspiring to have their home renovated can browse through these galleries and request a free assessment.

With the change, Pinnacle Group hopes to present design ideas to homeowners who are looking at renowned Calgary renovation companies for their smaller scale projects. This is particularly useful for client families who are still considering what their requirements are for a complete renovation or custom home design-build project. It also benefits clients who are operating under tighter financial restrictions or who would like to divide their home renovation project into stages.

As a guide for homeowners who are considering a custom home build or renovation, the company offers a needs assessment questionnaire in their Design, Needs, and Alignment (DNA) document. This document is a necessary resource to help homeowners navigate the renovation and custom home build industry and achieve a hassle-free build experience. As well, it includes an informative section of questions you should ask any builder you are considering for you home project. The company also makes a number of additional resources available online, including an overview of the company’s renovation process, a blog, and a complimentary copy of the Pinnacle Home Magazine.

Homeowners who are interested in undertaking their own home renovation project can turn to the Pinnacle Group for reliable home renovation solutions. To learn more, visit their website at today.

About Pinnacle Group

Headed by inter-provincial journeyman carpenter Paul Klassen, the company has been providing quality home renovation solutions to Calgary families for over 15 years. They are involved in general contracting, project management, and new home design-build services. The company holds memberships with RenoMark™, the National Association of Home Builders and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Calgary Region.