Connecting with the community and staying in touch with our Clients is a mainstay of Pinnacle Group’s philosophies. Not only do we Create Homes For Life, we believe in establishing Clients For Life. When you think about the amount of time we spend with our Client families throughout a renovation, it is inevitable that a bond is created and a relationship of mutual respect is established.  

However, we believe not only our Clients should be given this level of respect, integrity, kindness and hospitality; it is everyone we come in contact with in the community that deserves the same Pinnacle Experience. Whether it is the neighbours of our Client families, those we meet at our Reno Tours or a philanthropic event, our Staff and Trades truly care and want to create a sense of comfort and approachability.

Paul Klassen, Owner & GM of Pinnacle Group says, “I don’t believe you can actually train a Staff member or Trade person to care. In my view it’s not who you are when you show up at work Monday morning; it is who you are long before you arrive”. Pinnacle Group has simply been able to attract people who care and this is integral to how the Pinnacle Experience is perceived. 

As some of you may recall, back in December we hosted an event to draw the winner of our Facebook Ipad Contest. We promised we would post a video of the event. It is a wonderful representation of the Pinnacle Experience and the way in which we truly care about those we feel so fortunate to meet along the way!

To view this video – click here: Facebook Ipad Contest!