On Wednesday June 6th, Pinnacle Group will be hosting their bi-annual Trade/Supplier Meeting. This is an important event as it allows us time to connect as a Team and discuss ways in which we can improve and enhance our Customers’ experience. As well, it gives us an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the Team and give thanks to our valued Trades/Suppliers who are integral to our business. It is without question that we all leave from these meetings inspired, having gained new insight into our business systems and processes. As well, it reconfirms what we already know – we are blessed to have a wonderful group of dedicated individuals working with us!  

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Environment Education Ethics Centre at Ralph Klein Park

For this upcoming meeting we are extremely excited to have the opportunity to host the event at the brand new Environment Education Ethics Centre  at Ralph Klein Park. Ralph Klein Park  is Calgary’s newest major park featuring a man-made wetland that uses natural vegetation to treat stormwater before it is discharged into the Bow River. Ralph Klein Park offers numerous on-site programs and events and can also be used for private functions.

The facility is a stunning example of design innovation and we felt it nicely complimented our industry initiatives!  It will soon be  LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified as it meets the high performance standards in environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

Along with our own meeting agenda, we will be taking part in an Eco-LEED Gold Presentation hosted by the facility.

This incredible park and facility is another phenomenal Calgary resource for both businesses and families alike and we look forward to enjoying it for our business meeting next week!