Img 1546What could be better than a party? How about an exclusive party for you… in your own home?! Completion Celebrations are just one of the recent initiatives Pinnacle Group has started with clients that are inclined to accept our celebration offer; so far they’ve been a raving success. Completion of anything worthwhile is cause for celebration, but completion of a renovation or “re-creation” of your home that you’ve been anticipating for months seems like an even bigger reason to break out the bubbly. With the opportunity to invite some of your closest friends for an intimate evening and official unveiling of your newly completed renovation, this is essentially a house party for your house – and your chance to shine! We supply the food and drinks, take care of prep and clean-up, and you supply the friends! It’s an evening of relaxed conversation, good food, and loads of compliments and admiration over your newly finished home – what could be more enjoyable?

We held one such celebration at a recently completed project in the area of Glenbrook on the evening of October 13th. With 6 guests on the homeowner’s invite list, it was an intimate evening of fun and laughter, the majority of the time being spent in their beautiful new kitchen and living room. This Glenbrook bungalow was given a main floor make-over; a complete modification of the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and bath, including the removal  of interior walls to create an open concept design – perfect for entertaining. This family’s design flair is distinctly modern, with crisp clean lines and a deep luxurious colour palette. A flat screen TV and recessed fireplace make the living room cosy and comfortable.

With ample time to visit and admire the finished product, the evening wrapped up with the guests expressing their appreciation for the warm hospitality, and the homeowners being presented with a custom gift basket full of gourmet goodies for their indulgence. Another successful conclusion to one more of Pinnacle Group’s Completion Celebrations!

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Cheryl & Teresa

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Kitchen bar full of goodies