Calgary, Alberta (April 3, 2014) – Pinnacle Group, one of the most trusted Calgary custom home builders, uses cutting-edge technology for their renovation and custom home building projects. The modern tools, the firm says, help ensure client satisfaction and the timely completion of jobs.

During what they call their “design discovery session”, the company employs a 3D modelling software that allows clients to better visualize the proposed design for custom homes and renovation projects. With this software, design changes can be implemented instantly, giving clients a real-time preview of the modifications. As such, the 3D models are delivered early in the design phase instead of only at the end, in contrast to what architectural firms often do.

The company also uses advanced diagnostic equipment prior to construction. Before commencing a renovation, the Pinnacle production team evaluates the build site with a thermal camera to reveal such details as the location of the main stack, heat run, and beams, as well as joist directions. Investing in this equipment ensures there are no unknowns and unnecessary cuts in walls are mitigated. The thermal camera inspection serves like the MRI scan that surgeons request before performing surgery on a patient; the surgeon has a plan and knows exactly what he or she is dealing with prior to the first cut just like a Builder who uses the right diagnostic equipment so they can plan the best execution of a renovation or custom home build.

Pinnacle Group is a design-build firm that employs professionals from both the design and construction sectors, which allows the company to streamline communication and improve efficiency during projects. Aside from conducting luxury home renovations and custom home builds, the firm also performs room-specific improvements like kitchen and bathroom remodelling.

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About Pinnacle Group

Pinnacle Group is one of the leading custom home builders in Calgary. The firm was founded by Paul Klassen, who has 30 years’ worth of experience in custom home markets, commercial retrofits, general contracting, project management, and upscale design-build renovations.

Pinnacle Group is a member of good standing in the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and observes strict adherence to its code of conduct. The company is also the only RenoMark™ Renovator to offer the SCC 3-Way Guarantee™, which assures the start date, completion date, and cost of projects. Pinnacle Group received the Better Business Bureau’s Business Ethics Awards in 2011 and is the only renovation company to achieve this honour.