DNA-Process™ – Introduction

You are unique; unequivocally defined by your DNA blueprint. These distinctions extend to all aspects of your life, including your home. At Pinnacle Group, we understand that to build an authentic living space, a family’s needs, desires and aspirations must be infused into the design of their home. We regard this as a family’s ‘DNA’….defined as our DNA-Process™.

In our view, the family’s ‘DNA’ must be the driving force for a renovation or custom home build. To do it any other way ultimately leads to some dissatisfaction after the fact. Statements such as, “I should’ve done this differently…”, “I didn’t think of that…”, or “I wish I would have…” all result from the fact that the family’s ‘DNA’ was not initially considered.

We believe a home is a family’s personal sanctuary where life’s fondest memories are created and preserved. The family home serves as both an anchor and a compass, providing support and direction to all family members. Capturing the essence of our client families and creating spaces that support their diverse needs is truly the heartbeat of Pinnacle Group’s business philosophy.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “What does a biological term have to do with renovations or custom home builds?”

At Pinnacle Group, our understanding of how to read your family’s unique ‘DNA’ is part of our distinct Vision; is ingrained in our internal proprietary process, and is the core of our success. We go beyond even the highest levels of the Renovation and Custom Home building industry… into a completely new realm of home personification.

When we start the design process of renovating or building a home, we begin with a detailed interview and analysis of who you are—whether you’re a retired executive, a successful professional, a bourgeoning business owner, or a growing family. We find out how you and your family would like to flourish in all areas of your life and choose materials and design directives based on these findings. This process, in combination with expertly completing your project on-time and on-budget, is precisely why we have an enviable client satisfaction rating; this is based on post-project client interviews of all of our clients completed by Client Insight Inc., an independent 3rd party assessment and survey firm.

Pinnacle Group’s DNA-Process™ stands for:

D– Design

N– Needs

A– Alignment

At Pinnacle Group, we go far beyond superficial discussions when determining the right design for your home. From the onset, we pay close attention to all of the details of your vision, no matter how clear or vague that vision may be. Whether or not you are completely sure about what you really want or need, our extensive needs analysis questionnaire that each family member fills out, allows us to uncover the small nuances that often make the biggest differences.

Pinnacle Group has developed an extensive needs analysis questionnaire that we use to precisely determine your family’s unique requirements for your renovation or custom home build. This detailed questionnaire is specifically designed to cover all bases and to compel you to think about what you really need; exploring angles that you may not have ever considered before but are critical to the new design. We are serious about creating the perfect spaces for you and your family that; not only serve today’s needs…but include anticipating the inherent gifts, talents and aspirations that each member of your family possesses.

Once we have a clear understanding of what distinguishes your family’s needs, we can begin creating a design; then progress to a 3D rendering of your newly remodelled space or custom home design. We use this rendering as the starting point of collaboration with you on the actual final design. We completely understand that seeing something on a blueprint or sketch is not the same as seeing something “virtually.” The 3D virtual experience allows you to be able to “walk through” the space and “experience” it without actually being there. Our 3D modeling software allows you the freedom to explore possibilities perhaps not yet considered. If for example you wish to shift a wall to ensure that your unique piece of Art fits perfectly, or move a window ever so slightly to better capture the views, reconfigure your Master Suite to best place your furnishings…etc…we can immediately show you what it will look like; all of these changes can be done in real-time, with a simple click of the mouse!

Taking the time to accurately determine the ‘DNA’ of every Client allows us to create a home that each member of your family can truly say is their favourite place to be!

For more information on Pinnacle’s proprietary DNA-Process™, please call our office at 403-720-8789.