DNA-Process™ – Part 1

We all know the traditional definition of DNA; it is your individual characteristics and makeup that set you apart and make you unique from anyone else. Your personal DNA is what makes you unique as a person; at Pinnacle Group, we believe that each family also has a personalized ‘DNA’.

Paul Klassen, GM of Pinnacle Group, has recently trademarked a new process for Renovations. Coined the DNA-Process™, this is a procedure that makes an in-depth analysis of the needs and desires of each prospective Renovation Client. Far beyond the typical questions of “What is your budget” and “What colour would you like your walls”, this study personalizes every renovation by asking specific questions of each family member such as “Does your Family/Great Room have enough room for books, photos and trophies” & “How many pairs of shoes would you like to have storage for in your Master Bedroom”. Designed to ‘hone in’ on what is truly important to the family unit, this process ensures every angle is considered and eliminates post-project disappointment.

Over the next few blogs, we will share the fundamentals of our DNA Process; we hope you find this information useful!

Pinnacle Group’s DNA-Process™ stands for:

D– Design
N– Needs


Design is often taken for granted as a simple, superficial process mainly involving aesthetics rather than specific functionality; with this approach it is easy to overlook the prerequisites of each family member.

“I want this style of kitchen”, “I want a home theatre”, or “I want a big family room”, are typical examples of initial statements; however, this vagueness often leads to dissatisfaction.

At Pinnacle Group, we go far beyond superficial discussions when determining the right design for your home. From the onset, we pay close attention to all of the details of your vision, no matter how clear or vague that vision may be. Whether or not you are completely sure about what you really want or need, our extensive needs analysis questionnaire that each family member fills out, allows us to uncover the small nuances that often make the biggest differences.

These findings are incorporated into an initial rendering where the collaboration process moves into full swing! A 3D model of your new space is projected on our boardroom big screen TV, capturing and illuminating the distinctive character of your renovation or custom home build. This allows you to “feel” what the new design space will be like. This process also allows for the freedom to explore many different possibilities and options; you won’t be limited by the initial design but instead will find this is just the starting point of discussion to determine the perfect spaces that will suite your family.

We understand how important every single detail can be and the effect that the smallest change can make on your dream home. With the use of Pinnacle’s DNA-Process™ along with our 3D modeling software, we have completely eliminated the uncertainty of how your final project will turn out from the very start. A visit to Pinnacle’s Customer satisfaction scores supports the fact that we are indeed capturing those important design nuances in every area of our client’s home design.