DNA-Process™ – Part 2

Part 2 in our DNA Process Series focuses on the 2nd aspect of Pinnacle’s DNA Acronym; Needs. The specific needs of a prospective Client are the heart & soul of Pinnacle; our entire goal is to create a space that meets the individual needs of each family member. Our mantra is to Make Your Home Your Favourite Place To Be – successfully understanding and integrating your needs is what makes this possible!

The Needs portion of our DNA Process consists of 20 questions in an extensive and highly detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to cover all bases and to compel Clients to think about what they really want; exploring angles that they may not have ever considered before but are critical to the new design. We are serious about creating the perfect spaces for each of our Client Families!

Pinnacle’s questionnaire consists of basic questions such as “How many people are living in your home”, to specialized and specific questions such as “Do you have significant pieces of art or furniture that you want to keep in mind when designing your home”. From a 1-10 rating scale for each current room, to simple Yes/No answers for questions such as “Would you like a fireplace in your Master Bedroom”, to areas for extensive written answers for questions such as “What would your ideal Master Bedroom/Retreat look like”; this questionnaire is truly an in-depth analysis of the individual needs of each family member, and the overall driving force behind each renovation.

The interactive interview process that Pinnacle Group designers take Clients through is a very easy and exciting experience – our questionnaire is designed to get the ‘mental juices flowing’ and allow each member to express their own individual wishes. Once a family’s Needs are expressed and fully understood, the 3rd part of our DNA Process begins… stay tuned for this information next week!