DNA-Process™ – Part 3

As you can see, once we have a clear understanding of what distinguishes your family’s needs, we can begin creating a design; then progress to a 3D rendering of the newly remodelled space or your custom home design.

We use this rendering as the starting point of collaboration with you on the actual final design. We completely understand that seeing something on a blueprint or sketch is not the same as seeing something “virtually.” The 3D virtual experience allows you to be able to “walk through” the space and “experience” it without actually being there.

Our 3D modeling software allows you the freedom to explore possibilities. If you want to shift a wall, move a closet, make a room bigger/smaller, etc. we can immediately show you what it will look like; all of these changes can be done in real-time, with a simple click of the mouse!

Additionally, through this valuable process, we can work with you to achieve the perfect design in the most cost efficient process possible. We actually collaborate; not only with our interior designers and architects, but with our site supervisors, special suppliers, and professional trade affiliates. Based on your lifestyle needs and design flair, we make sure that our industry experts are consulted on how the end result that you envision can be achieved accurately; without unnecessary and unforeseen expenses. With the experts in the room, solutions can be discovered quickly, cost efficiencies can be implemented, timelines can be firm, and cost-overruns can be mitigated. Slight changes left unchecked by trained professionals, are often what lead to cost overruns. At Pinnacle Group, we prevent this from happening.

A second and equally important aspect of alignment is to ensure that you, the homeowner, choose a renovator/custom home builder that is in complete alignment with your needs and expectations.

You want to make sure that the Builder you choose for your project will actually be able to provide you with the finished product you had envisioned. They should have a proven track record of delivering an excellent building experience as demonstrated by their customer satisfaction scores.

Unfortunately, in renovation and custom home projects, the quality of a project sometimes falls short of the expectations of the homeowner. This is due to poor planning, poor execution, lack of systems and processes and most of all, a genuine lack of customer care. A great design cannot be properly executed without stellar business systems and a genuine understanding of a customer’s needs and expectations.

We hope this insight into Pinnacle’s DNA Process has been helpful. For more information please call our showroom at 403-720-8789 to request a copy of the entire DNA Document!