Pinnacle’s Featured Kitchen Renovations in Calgary Continue to Impress

Calgary, Alberta (March 7, 2014) – Nearly one year after getting featured in the Spring RenoMark™ & CHBA Calgary Renovation Tour, Pinnacle Group’s Spring Bank, Calgary kitchen renovations project continues to receive phenomenal feedback from the company’s client family. Pinnacle Group recently concluded a 12-month warranty visit to the site and is pleased to announce that the client is still enjoying and reaping the benefits of their notable home transformation.

The 12-month visit is part of the company’s three-stage renovation process simply called the “Pinnacle Building Plan Process” that begins with the pre-construction stage, develops through the construction stage, and ends with post-construction.

The Spring Bank project involved renovations in the home’s main floor kitchen as well as the living and the dining room. The objective was to create a floor plan that adheres to the client family’s specific preferences and criteria. The company was able to draft an unconventional layout, meeting all the requirements and exceeding client expectations through their intensive Design Discovery Process.

The amazing kitchen renovation in Calgary resulted in a more functional space, featuring two islands, that is suitable for day-to-day use as well as for entertaining. The group was able to highlight the unique curved wall of windows, thereby further adding to the room’s overall appeal. This particular project was also special because the entire existing kitchen that was replaced during remodeling was actually saved. It was thereafter donated to Camp Kindle – a place that serves children and families facing childhood cancer.

Also included in this project was a basement makeover. The entire room was remodeled to accommodate the main floor design, consequently resulting in well-defined spaces for work, study, entertainment, and storage.

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