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Discussing the changes

As anticipated, we received a fantastic response to our first ‘Open House Initiative’!  On April 9th, we opened a home currently undergoing renovations in the Lake Bonavista area, and invited interested guests to tour the project and view the changes and improvements that have been made.

Pinnacle Group conducts an extensive walk-through at the completion of each project milestone; this particular home is at the ‘Pre-Board’ state which means it is ready for drywall installation (click here to learn the benefits of a pre-board tour). At this stage in the project, Pinnacle’s Renovation Consultant, Site Supervisor and Interior Designer go through the entire project with the clients to ensure each detail is exactly the way the client wants it. This includes placement of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, media and framing. Once drywall is installed, it becomes very difficult to make changes, so every effort is taken to ensure each detail is accounted for at this critical stage. Opening this home to the public at the Pre-Board state allowed guests to view the ‘secrets’ of the various components that are typically hidden behind drywall.

This initiative captured the attention of many neighbours from the surrounding area and quite a few of them stopped in for a tour! We even had a large group that went through the project together before heading to the local favourite Brewster’s Pub for lunch! Comments were extremely positive, and everyone was impressed by the modifications being made to this family’s home.

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Great Room vaulted ceiling

One item of great interest was the conversion of the Great Room ceiling; formerly a standard 8ft ceiling, it has been converted to a beautiful vault complete with strategically placed lighting and media… all without removing the roof! Many homes in the area are built with similar ‘stick framed’ rafters so several neighbours were able to envision this change in their own residence! A small 2 storey addition on the back of the house creates even more space for the newly designed Great Room.

Among the guests touring the project was the original owner of this home; she was amazed at the changes that have been made and was certainly able to envision the modifications first-hand! We are thrilled with the positive response to this Initiative, and look forward to similar opportunities in the future!

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Complimentary coffee & donuts

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Foyer modifications

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Kitchen area

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Front Exterior

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Viewing the changes

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Kitchen area

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Architectural Renderings

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Jeff Moss explaining the Great Room ceiling modifications