Calgary, Alberta (May 27, 2014) – Pinnacle Group, one of the top professional renovation companies in Calgary, recommends that a feasibility study be done prior to a renovation or custom home build. They stress that this is an absolute first step that many homeowners and even builders do not often take.

What makes this utterly important is that it ensures that the builder is completely knowledgeable on the build options available to homeowners. Pinnacle Group uses a variety of resources to help uncover specifics on the lot the homeowners own or will acquire. A feasibility study will reveal the existing home’s footprint, the lot size and shape, percentage of lot coverage, heights of adjacent homes, sun exposure, and utility rights of way. 

It will help answer questions, such as whether the client can build a bungalow or two-storey structure, front- or side-load garage, and what the front setback distance needs to be. As Pinnacle explains, it allows them to create a plot plan with their architectural firm and to map out the setback and the building envelope. It also helps determine what permit applications will be required from the City or MD. 

Pinnacle Group possesses a wealth of experience in conducting feasibility studies prior to the renovation of a homeowners existing or about-to-be-purchased home, as well as custom home build projects. Well-versed on the city rules for each neighborhood, the team can also assist realtors and homeowners in shortlisting prospective properties that may need some renovation.  Condensed feasibility studies can help determine if the home in question can accommodate the client family’s list of renovation requirements, which in turn influences whether or not an offer will be made.

Extensive experience and knowledge of the building industry is what makes Calgary renovation companies like Pinnacle Group capable of guaranteeing quality service. Their genuine concern for, and dedication to each of their clients is what makes them stand out as an exemplary professional Canadian renovation company.

About the Pinnacle Group of Companies

The Pinnacle Group of Companies is the leader in the home building industry in Calgary. What puts them in this prime spot is their customer-centric approach. It is very apparent that Pinnacle values their clients which they demonstrate in many ways, including employing a third party survey firm to gather unbiased and honest opinions and feedback from clients upon project completion. Pinnacle Group strongly believes in providing homeowners with the resources necessary to guide them through a successful renovation or custom home build.