Last Renovation Tour Of The Year – November 16th, 2013

On Saturday November 16th, 2013, we will host our last Renovation Tour of the year. Take this opportunity to tour an incredible whole home Renovation; this exquisite two storey acreage home was gutted to the studs to increase square footage and reconfigure traffic lines. Come and see how we transformed what was originally a builder spec house into a contemporary, tailored home that perfectly compliments this Client family’s unique needs! Come and enter to win an iPad Mini or 1 of 3 Thermal Camera Heat-Loss Assessments; we will professionally assess points of heat loss on your home with our Technician […]

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Don’t Be A Victim Of Storm Chasers – How To Rebuild After The Alberta Flood of 2013

We have spent the last few days helping several of our Client families with the early stages of recovery efforts from the flood. Amongst the devastation we have all felt the renewed sense of community spirit and the kindness and compassion of the entire Calgary community and beyond. In talking with people in these severely flooded areas, we have reached out to provide not only our manpower but our support and expertise in guiding these homeowners as to what steps to take next to rebuild their homes. The feedback has been overwhelming positive and we have been encouraged to share […]

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Feb 23rd Renovation Tour Address Announced!

  We are a week away from our first Renovation Tour of the year on Saturday February 23rd, 2013 from 10am – 4pm in the fabulous community of Kelvin Grove! We are extremely excited about opening this project to the public and very grateful to our amazing Client family for the opportunity to do so! Click here for the official invitation complete with the address for this upcoming tour: Reno Tour Invite Here are some more specifics about this incredible project:  Project Overview   Pride of ownership has always been important to these Homeowners. Although they invested considerable effort in maintaining […]

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How to Achieve A Five-Star Renovation Experience – Fifth Star Criterion Part A!

This is Part ‘A’ of the final installment of our 5-part Series designed to overwhelm the odds in your favor when hiring your Renovation Professional for your Home Makeover project. If you’ve followed our previous 5-Star Series; this posting will be covering what a 5-Star experience looks like when your project nears completion and beyond! As your project nears completion and the finishing touches are being wrapped up, several things should be evident to you and your family. I am not going to paint a Pollyanna picture that everything will be dreamy perfect; this is the real world after all […]

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How To Achieve A Five-Star Renovation Experience – Fourth Star Criterion!

This is the 4th installment of our 5-part Series designed to provide you with some common sense interview questions when selecting a Renovation Professional for your Home Makeover project.  If you’ve followed our previous 3-Star Checklist series and you feel you are confident in your choice of Builder Professional, there are two more ‘Stars’ you need to align before putting ink to your contract. The final two Stars (checklists) cover the ‘During’ and ‘After’ experience you wish to achieve from your Builder on your Custom Home or Renovation project. We will be covering the ‘During’ stage in this posting.     Your experience ‘During’ your […]

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How To Achieve A Five-Star Renovation Experience – Third Star Criterion!

Our intent from the beginning of this 5-part Series was to provide you with some common sense interview questions, educated dialogue, and somewhat of a checklist for your family when selecting a Renovation Professional for your Home Makeover project. If your desire is to truly have a Five-Star Experience, before, during and after your Home transformation project, these keys are designed to provide helpful education as you navigate one of the most challenging endeavors your Family will embark on.  The next checklist will be helpful in the final decision-making process as you choose your Renovation Firm. It provides some basic understanding for you on the ins […]

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How To Achieve A Five-Star Renovation Experience – Second Star Criterion!

We are continuing our series on how to achieve a Five-Star Renovation Experience using the deliberate resort/hotel analogy. We suggest you determine at the START of your Builder selection process, how many ‘Stars’ you are wishing to experience before, during and after your Home Makeover. These three distinct stages are comprised of: Before – Interview & Discovery Process During – Project Construction Period After – Warranty & Service For now, we will focus on the Before Stage. During your interview with the Builder you are considering, followed by the Design Discovery process, ask yourself these questions:  1. On a scale of 1-10, how important is it […]

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How To Achieve A Five-Star Renovation Experience – First Star Criterion!

Recently we have been discussing the idea of what distinguishes a Five-Star Renovation experience using the analogy of a hotel/resort experience. Follow along this blog series to discover what you should be looking for to ensure you receive a Five-Star home-makeover experience with your chosen Renovation Professional! To begin with you must first determine what caliber of ‘Renovation Store’ you are shopping at? Or using the analogy of a hotel/resort; how many ‘Stars’ are you willing to invest in? Would it be feasible to think that choosing a Five-Star builder would reflect in the outcome of your Renovation experience?   If you watch any […]

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Join us for a Renovation Seminar Saturday November 3rd, 2012!

On Saturday November 3rd, 2012 from 9:15am-11:15am, join us for a Renovation Seminar hosted by BMO, Sotheby’s, Pinnacle Group and Phase One Design! We are honoured to be a part of the panel of experts helping Consumers demystify the home Renovation process as well as find out how to maximize your Renovation dollar and project impact.   This seminar will provide you with valuable information regarding project financing, planning, permits, dollar return and costing of both small and large home Renovation projects. Tips and tricks as well as what to avoid to ensure a successful Renovation will also be discussed! There are […]

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Pinnacle Group Welcomes Chadwick Johnson To Our HomesForLife Division!

With the recent launch of the Pinnacle Group of Companies lasted marque – HomesForLife™, we have expanded our team and have assembled a dedicated team of associates that are truly committed to providing the very best Customer experience that you have come to count on with Pinnacle Group. Our HomesForLife™ division is dedicated to servicing our Clients with specialized projects such as room-specific Renovations, one-off aesthetic improvements, custom built-ins, and home maintenance. Chadwick Johnson, HomesForLife Project Manager Chadwick Johnson joins us as our HomesForLife™ Project Manager and brings with him a wealth of experience having spent the past 23 years in […]

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