Calgary, Alberta (May 6, 2014) – Trusted Calgary bathroom renovations company Pinnacle Group is set to launch a revised edition of their well-received DNA Document. The document, considered as a great initial source of information, contains some of the more important questions homeowners should consider before starting a renovation or custom home build project.

The new edition of the DNA Document still follows Pinnacle’s philosophy that every family has their own unique DNA (Design, Needs, and Alignment) that must be understood by their builder in order to create an authentic living space. It will also include some supplementary Pinnacle Preliminary Needs Assessment Questions and DNA Expert Industry Questions.

An entire section is devoted to help uncover a family’s DNA; the family is encouraged to sit-down together to fill out the Needs Assessment Questionnaire to help establish how each family member utilizes the spaces in their home and determine how this may evolve over time; spending this due diligence upfront helps eliminate the risk of unnecessary expenses in project design and construction.

Towards the end, the document provides a must-use reference tool to help homeowners interview and select the right builder to implement their renovation or custom home build project. This tool contains questions that have been calibrated from the recommendations of various third party consumer protection organizations, including the CRHBA (Calgary Regional Home Builders Association), CHBA (Canadian Home Builder Association) – Calgary Region, CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), Better Business Bureau (BBB) and RenoMark ™.

Both hard copy and digital versions of the latest edition of the DNA Document will be available in June. Visit reliable Calgary bathroom renovation provider Pinnacle Group’s website at for more details.

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Pinnacle Group is steadfast on their promise to provide every Client Family with an exceptional customer experience right from their first interaction with the company. Founded in 1999, the company has assembled a remarkable group of trades, suppliers and staff with exceptional industry knowledge, tied with the commitment to give only the best form of services the home building practice can offer. Founder and CEO Paul Klassen is cerebrating his 30th year in the construction industry this year.