DNA Document

Does the look & feel of your home bother you? Is the current design just not meeting your family’s needs?

If so, there is a problem with your current home’s DNA & you may be looking to renovate or custom build.

The proper Design, based on your innate Needs, that are all in Alignment, are the 3 key components to achieving the perfect renovation or custom built home. Without paying close attention to your home’s DNA, you risk a project result that may leave you dissatisfied.

At Pinnacle Group, we’ve eliminated this risk. Receive our DNA Document and find out:

  • Why this concept of DNA (Design, Needs and Alignment) can help you avoid costly mistakes & prevent regret.
  • Questions to ask Builders you are considering for your Renovation or Custom Built Home to ensure a hassle-free experience.

If you would like to receive a complimentary download of our DNA document please submit the form below:

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