Designing Your Forever Home in Calgary, Alberta!

Modular Dining Room

Designing Your Forever Home in Calgary, Alberta! What is a Forever Home? Often, the first home you purchase isn’t meant to last a lifetime. This is where the term Starter Home comes from. Starter Homes are supposed to be just that, a starting point. In fact, to meet the various needs of changing life stages, you’ll probably own more than one home. As you age, your family grows, and your needs change, you will eventually be faced with a decision to either renovate and turn your current space into a Forever Home, or sell and try to find the exact

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Senior-Friendly Home Renovations a Must Amid Growing Aging Population

The latest poll from the CIBC showed that 42 percent of Canadian homeowners are planning on renovating their homes, and the majority of them are mainly concerned about giving their interiors a facelift through repainting and flooring projects. However, they may be overlooking another important consideration when it comes to considering a renovation depending on their stage in life and that of their family members that visit their home; making their home senior-friendly.

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Our Aging Baby-Boomer Population is a growing Tsunami…are we ready?

“With today’s aging population, professionals who specialize in healthy aging play a more important role than ever before. Aging-in-place is a concept that supports the choice of older adults to remain living in their preferred environment for as long as possible even if circumstances change. Physical environment, social and psychological support, and community resources affect aging-in-place. While the concept is increasingly gaining attention, services and supports to assist older adults to age-in-place continue to grow.” Mount Royal University, Studies in Aging Paul Klassen is an active member of Mount Royal University’s S.A.G.E. Committee, and has been involved in forward-thinking group discussions

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