Family-Friendly Things to Do This Winter near Calgary, Alberta 

Family Friendly Things To Do This Winter Near Calgary Alberta

Family-Friendly Things to Do This Winter near Calgary, Alberta Are you wondering what to do in Calgary? Wonder no more! Calgary comes alive in winter! Whether you’re a new homeowner in the area, a tourist who’s just visiting, or you’ve been living in the Calgary area for many years, there are a number of fun things to do in Calgary. From family activities to Calgary family day events, there are many places to visit in Calgary throughout the long, cold winter. Small children to grown teens can all enjoy themselves in this family-friendly city. 1. Canada Olympic Park Address: 88

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Family Night At Pinnacle Group!

This past Friday, we enjoyed a wonderful staff family night at Paul & Elaine’s beautiful home. As always, Elaine – the consummate hostess, spoiled us with an array of appetizers and a visually stunning display of the various potluck dishes prepared by the staff members. We were treated to the finest steak, perfectly barbequed by Chef Paul and finished off the meal with a mirage of desserts and fruit! It was a great opportunity to enjoy some laughs, share stories and get to know some of our newest staff members better. The highlight was seeing our kids, varying in ages

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Pinnacle Group Team Spirit!

Amongst all the hussle and bustle of our lives it is rare we have a moment to take some time to enjoy each other’s company for a non-work related event! However, tonight the staff at Pinnacle Group will be gathering at Paul & Elaine Klassen’s as they graciously open their home to Pinnacle staff, spouses and children to celebrate the Pinnacle family!  We have such an incredible and committed team at Pinnacle Group and we respect one another which truly impacts Pinnacle’s continued success. Taking the time to be together in a casual environment such as this is a great

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