Pinnacle Renovations | Upscale Home Renovations in Calgary—Avoiding Bathroom Design Blunders

Homeowners renovate their houses for a variety of reasons. Some want to improve on the comfort and lifestyle enhancement their home can bring, while others want to personalize their spaces. Regardless of the reason, most homeowners don’t want to end up with a bad renovation that will make them regret the project and require another renovation to address the problem. Among the parts of the home to work on, the bathroom is arguably the most complicated room and is therefore prone to mistakes.

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Bathroom Design Blunders

Insufficient Space.

Just because you don’t move a lot in your bathroom doesn’t mean you can skimp on space. Your bathroom is your most intimate sanctuary, perhaps even more intimate than your bedroom. It has to be a place where you can relax but move around without bumping into a fixture or furniture. Make sure that your bathroom has adequate space for all your requirements.

Removing Windows.

While your bathroom is the most private room in your house, it doesn’t have to be totally shut off. In fact, it has to have as much natural lighting as possible. Aside from creating an illusion of space, which adds to the comfort of anyone using the bathroom, sufficient lighting coming in from the windows can accentuate the colour of your wall and furniture. You can also open your bathroom windows to allow fresh air to come in and reduce dampness.

Line of Sight.

It feels awkward and inappropriate to eat dinner with your family while looking straight into the toilet. If your home renovation in Calgary involves moving the door of your bathroom, make sure that it’s not in the line of sight of all other entranceways. Not only will that secure your privacy when you’re using the bathroom, but it can also help maintain the decency of other rooms.

No to Curb.

Some homeowners are too meticulous that they want each part of the bathroom divided by a curb to tell them apart. While bathroom curbs are visually trivial, they can become troublesome for family members who can’t easily move about or can’t hop over small obstacles. A curbless bathroom is more convenient and modern-looking, although you have to ensure that the shower area is separated from the toilet with a glass wall.


It’s very easy to make mistakes if you’re deciding on the idea for the design of your bathroom by yourself. Consider hiring a contractor with vast experience in bathroom and home renovations in Calgary, such as Pinnacle Group Renovations. If you want a luxurious bathroom that is efficiently designed, they are the design experts to call.



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