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5 Things Every Homeowner Must Remember During Kitchen Renovations

Sometimes all it takes to spruce up your kitchen is a little tweaking and some updating. There are times, however, when you just have to go beyond the simple DIY work and actually invest in a professional renovation company to help you achieve your goals.

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Smart Living Tips: How to Manage Home Renovations for Limited Spaces

Home renovation is no easy task. There are times when your home, no matter how big it already is, simply doesn’t have enough space for everything your family has accumulated or wants to add. If you’re planning to have large groups over for dinner, you might want to expand your kitchen space. Perhaps you prefer a more spacious and luxurious home office, or a more complete entertainment room, perfect for your growing children.

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Bathroom Renovations: Why Style and Functionality Should Always Meet

Many households in greater Calgary are willing to spend a bit more to ensure a premium on hygiene. In some cases, part of that effort will be to successfully remodel a bathroom with the most exquisite materials and fixtures around. Achieving that end may only be possible with bathroom renovations professionals such as Pinnacle Group.

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Making a New Basement Office through Renovation Companies in Calgary

The influx of opportunities to work from home either full-time or part-time for many professionals requires evaluating your home environment to delegate a home office space that is functional, inspiring and away from the hussle and bustle of everyday living; one of the most readily available areas to meet this criteria is located in the basement.

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Calgary Professional Renovations: Designing a Kitchen to Dine For

The last few years have seen a significant boom in construction as well as home renovations. It has been an exciting time as interior design companies have found ways to incorporate some stylish designs and details into their projects. Obviously these projects don’t come cheap; in 2014, Canadians spent an estimated $50 billion on home improvements and this trend is expected to continue on a yearly basis.

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Home Renovations in Calgary: Things to Remember to Have a Green Home

Frequent costly repairs here and there, higher energy bills and strange noises at night are common signs that your house needs a major renovation. Whether you live in a modern home or an old one, properties have their life span and your own may already be coming to an end, particularly if they were improperly cared for.

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Bathroom Renovations in Calgary: What to Have in a Luxurious Bathroom

Having multiple bathrooms in most high-end homes is the norm in Calgary, Alberta. Along with the master bedroom, the ensuite is also deemed to be among the most important and valuable of home spaces. That is why many homeowners are willing to invest in creating an exquisite bathroom sanctuary.

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How to Hire Reputable Renovation Companies this Construction Season

Summertime has come, and it’s quite common for homeowners to decide to embark on the renovation project they have been contemplating for some time. During this summer construction season, working with reputable renovation companies such as Pinnacle Group for your renovation projects is recommended.

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Ways to Make Kitchen Renovations Help with Your Weight Loss Journey

Is your kitchen actually contributing to those added pounds or additional inches in your waistline? Surprisingly, with a growing number of scientific studies to back this up, the answer might be yes, especially when you organise your kitchen in a way that further encourages you to snack on those unhealthy foods.

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Senior-Friendly Home Renovations a Must Amid Growing Aging Population

The latest poll from the CIBC showed that 42 percent of Canadian homeowners are planning on renovating their homes, and the majority of them are mainly concerned about giving their interiors a facelift through repainting and flooring projects. However, they may be overlooking another important consideration when it comes to considering a renovation depending on their stage in life and that of their family members that visit their home; making their home senior-friendly.

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