The Pinnacle Renovations Difference!

As Calgary’s trusted Renovator and Custom Home Builder, Pinnacle Group has made it a mandate to raise the bar in providing consumers with honest, ethical and transparent business practices in an industry that all too often gets a bad rap. The influx of illegitimate Renovators providing shoddy workmanship and unrealistic completion dates which then result in under assessed project costs is rampant; leaving many consumers hesitant to put their trust in any Renovator.

Here are 8 ways the Pinnacle Difference is setting the standard; providing their Client families with an unparalleled customer experience based on trust that is changing consumers’ expectations in the marketplace:

Renomark™ is an association dedicated to providing consumers with access to high quality, integral, and ethical Renovation companies. Paul Klassen, CEO and Founder of the Pinnacle Group of Companies is one of the founding members of Calgary’s RenoMark™ chapter and he has served on the RenoMark™ Council for several years, including chairing the Council in 2010-2011. For more information on the benefits of hiring a RenoMark Renovator visit:

Pinnacle Group is an advocate for the consumer and believes that no matter what Builder you choose for your project, you deserve to be properly educated by an authority in the industry; the goal is to help provide you with the resources necessary to help you navigate your way to a successful Renovation or Custom Home Build. These resources are designed to help guide you in what you should expect in all stages of your project – Before, During and After your Renovation or Custom Home Build. Pinnacle is constantly developing new materials and industry articles to help guide you through your home transformation.

One of the most popular resources is the Pinnacle Group DNA (Design, Needs and Alignment) document.  This is a great place to start when you are evaluating your project needs and interviewing Builders. This comprehensive document includes an introduction to this DNA concept, followed by an in-depth needs analysis questionnaire section that helps you drill down to what you really want to achieve in your Renovation or Custom Home Build. In addition, you will find a detailed section on the specific industry questions you should ask any Builder you are considering hiring for your home project.

If you would like to download the complimentary DNA document or access other Pinnacle resources available to you, visit the Resources section of the website: .

Design-Build is a term used to describe a project delivery system in which the design and construction of a project is contracted by a single entity known as the Design-Builder. There are many advantages to this system when it comes to your Renovation or Custom Home Build.

As a consumer it is very important to become acutely aware of the pros and cons with the Cost-Plus Builder model in comparison to the Fixed Cost/Design-Build model. The best way to describe the difference is by evaluating who is responsible for cost risk and accountability when it comes to budget-adherence in each model.

In the Cost-Plus Builder model, You shoulder cost risk and accountability to budget-adherence with regards to accountability/liability to project costs. In the Fixed Cost/Design-Build model, Your Builder shoulders cost risk and accountability to budget-adherence. Determine who you wish to OWN that responsibility. Statistically more than 80% of projects that end up in litigation do so as a result of the Homeowner owning the cost accountability. Pinnacle is of the belief that the Design-Build model maintains the alignment between the Client and Builder when it comes to providing a finished project in which all expectations are met with consideration to the start date, completion date and cost as well as the creation of a home that truly meets every family members’ unique needs.

Pinnacle has spent many years developing their intense Design Discovery Process and this is inherently interwoven within the Design-Build model.

Most Design-Build firms employ professionals from both the design and construction sector which is the case with Pinnacle Group; this creates a seamless communication forum. Naturally, the expertise and creativity of an Architect is required to draw up the plan. However, they may not be conversant in real-life construction applications; specifically as the design relates to associated costs of construction. What is designed and what occurs on the construction site can lead to a disconnect, resulting in major setbacks in project timelines and midway construction delays.

Pinnacle Group actually goes one step further inviting not only the architect and production team to the initial design discovery conversation but also the interior designer and trades. Having all parties involved in the conversation from the onset allows valuable input into the final project solution, providing the Client with a synergistic solution and an achievable result. There is no stone left unturned; with this level of planning prior to the start of any Renovation or Custom Home project, unforseen project delays and costs are mitigated. This is why Pinnacle is the only Renomark™ Renovator to guarantee the start date, completion date and cost, known as their SCC 3-Way Guarantee™.

When you begin the process of Renovating or Building a Custom Home, you typically have a vision of what you want to achieve. Translating that vision onto a blueprint, and then into an actual structure, can be more of a challenge than it may initially seem. Furthermore, how do you ensure that as construction progresses, your vision will stay consistent with your original design?

Pinnacle Group understands the importance of every single detail of your home project, and the effect that the smallest change can make on your dream home. With the utilization of innovative 3D Modeling Software right from the very start of the Design Discovery Process, the uncertainty of how your final project will turn out is eliminated.

3D Modeling allows you to physically see what your Renovation or Custom Home will actually look like; making sure you are completely satisfied with the result long before the project commences.

As well, any changes you want to make can instantly be applied, giving you room to experiment and try variations. Pinnacle’s 3D Modeling Software allows you to view design options with a simple “click”. Walls can be modified, moved, or even taken away to immediately reveal a new layout; without incurring the typical costs associated with changes to an actual architectural drawing.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, 3D Modeling allows Pinnacle to understand your family’s vision and character. The use of 3D Modeling starts from the very first rendering in Pinnacle Group’s exclusive Design Discovery Session. This is contrary to what is typically offered by most architectural firms, in which the 3D Model is provided at the end of the design phase as a final rendering.

As well, a reputable Design-Build Firm will also utilize cutting edge diagnostic equipment such as a thermal camera to evaluate the build site prior to any initial tear down. The insight provided by this evaluation can greatly influence the final project specifications. For example, a thermal camera can identify the main stack location, heat run location, joist directions, and beam locations that are all buried behind the drywall. A reputable Design-Build contractor will invest in this equipment so they aren’t guessing or having to unnecessarily cut into your walls. Think of it like an MRI for your home; who would want a surgery performed on their body without first having the proper diagnosis; the surgeon has a plan and knows exactly what he or she is dealing with prior to the first cut just like a Builder who uses the right diagnostic equipment so they can plan the best execution of your Renovation or Custom Home Build requirements.

Pinnacle is committed to opening the doors to as many projects as possible, so the public can see first-hand what the Pinnacle experience is all about. Transparency and accessibility can only be achieved when a Builder opens the doors to their projects; allowing you true insight into their staff, trades and workmanship as well as providing you with an opportunity to ask questions about your own project requirements with no strings attached.

Pinnacle hosts a series of events throughout each calendar year comprised of Pre-board Tours (tours of projects in progress), Renovation Tours (tours of completed Renovations or Custom Home Build projects) and Seminars (featuring various industry topics held at community centers around Calgary). In addition, you can also watch virtual tours of several past project tours on the Pinnacle website. For more information on Pinnacle’s events and/or to receive exclusive invitations to Pinnacle’s upcoming events visit:

Known as Pinnacle’s SCC-3 Way Guarantee™, this simply ensures that the most significant consumer concerns surrounding Renovations and Custom Home Builds, voiced by independent industry studies, are unequivocally addressed and are put in writing (some conditions apply). Pinnacle will pay a $400 per day non-complete penalty fee to the Client should they fail to meet the targeted completion; they have never missed a completion date since its implementation in 2004. For more information on the SCC-3 Way Guarantee™ visit:

To get to the heart of a company and their business practice and hear authentic customer insight on the design and build process, craftsmanship and customer care, it requires more than simply reading testimonials or even calling a list of people on a Builder’s “exclusive” reference list as this won’t necessarily unveil the truth; after all, these people are hand-picked and do not particularly provide an unbiased view point. Why would any company give you a list that contained anything but happy, satisfied Clients?

Pinnacle Group wanted to raise the bar in providing future Clients with an opportunity to hear the truth about the Pinnacle experience; that includes the imperfections as we all know we are only human and Renovations and Custom Home Building can be a challenging industry. Often the biggest testament to a company’s integrity is how they deal with situations when things go wrong. Founder and CEO Paul Klassen believed that to truly be transparent as well as to gain important insight on his company’s systems, processes and team, he needed to get honest feedback from every Client at the end of their project. In 2004, he retained a 3rd Party Survey Firm, Client Insight Inc., to perform post project Client interviews to measure the results.

Today, Pinnacle can confidently say that these third party assessments have become an integral part of the business process, providing a crystal clear understanding of Pinnacle’s Clients’ experiences. This detailed assessment provides the opportunity to continually improve and enhance Pinnacle’s build process, keep management informed and ensure quality and excellence. The Client feedback in many ways drives project completion and enhances Pinnacle’s corporate culture. As well, the results are used for training Employees, Suppliers and Trades. For Pinnacle, creating the ultimate Client experience speaks volumes, translating simultaneously into Customer loyalty and with loyalty comes the highest form of praise – referring Clients. Pinnacle is extremely proud of the consistent 98% referral rate as reported on these Client assessments.

So why has Pinnacle decided to publicly share the findings? The Client assessments accurately reflect what makes Pinnacle unique; what better way for a future Client to gain insight, build trust and even be inspired than by allowing them a glimpse into the experience directly from the Voice of the Customer? These assessments offer a true to life synopsis of Pinnacle projects gathered from the Clients’ perspective. The hope is by sharing these results with you, you will realize Pinnacle’s commitment to providing the very best Renovation and Custom Home Build experience possible.

To review Pinnacle’s Third Party Assessments visit: