Pinnacle Renovations | The Benefits of the Design-Build Model

There are typically two sides to every Renovation: the Architectural perspective and the Builder perspective.

The coordination and collaboration of both sides is critically important in determining what is designed and what is actually built. When dealing with your Builder, it’s important to understand how both professions interact with each other. Naturally, the expertise and creativity of an Architect is required to draw up the plan. However, they may not be conversant in real-life construction applications; specifically as the design relates to associated costs of construction. What is designed and what occurs on the construction site can lead to a disconnect, resulting in major setbacks in project timelines and midway construction delays.

The synergy of the Design-Build approach allows for the myriad of project questions, like those in the examples that follow, to be realistically answered.

  • Is the design the best end-result for this property location?
  • What is the realistic timeframe for completion and at what cost?
  • If a change is made to the Architectural Design, though the change may be possible, what are the ripple effects?

These questions, though typical, are difficult to answer without the collaboration of both entities. Speaking only to one side at a time can quickly translate into cost-overruns. The ideal situation is to have both the Architect and the Builder fully coordinated, from start to finish, as a homogenous team. “When both disciplines are applied, there is a seamless flow in the completion of a project simply because both sides can alleviate any unforeseen issues. This minimizes construction delays and significant cost-overruns,” states Paul Klassen, CEO of the Pinnacle Group of Companies.

In the three decades that Pinnacle’s Ownership has been in the business, they’ve recognized this important need, and have implemented systems to best serve their Clients. Pinnacle Group offers the benefit of having the creativity of an Architect, combined with the practical knowledge of a Builder, working in a collaborative mindset. A Willowpark Client reveals, “I am thrilled with the space we created with Pinnacle. They really stand by their word and do what they need to make their Customers happy. If there is a gray area, they seem to be willing to step in and resolve it. We love our house and are very satisfied”.

Pinnacle Group allows you to be innovative in your design, without holding any reservation to your ideas and compromising your vision; they not only have the knowledge and expertise to understand your design ideas but also the capability to see it from the construction/build aspect. The result: a perfect marriage of design and best construction practices when your project is complete.