Pinnacle Renovations | Calgary Renovators: Common Mistakes Made During Bathroom Renovations

Calgary residents often consider starting bathroom renovations to improve their homes. This is one of the most common renovation projects homeowners initiate on their own; it is a space that frequently needs an update or reconfiguration as it is a high traffic area used by family and guests. Homeowners can wrongly make the assumption that because it is a smaller area, it is easy to undertake; this is not necessarily the case. Without the proper experience, a bathroom upgrade can easily result in a series of mistakes. Here are a few examples:

Calgary Renovators Common Mistakes Made During Bathroom Renovations

Planning Problems

A big issue that often pops up is that amateur renovators go into it without a plan, often resulting in a multitude of problems. One example is that the renovation changes made have resulted in improper circulation in your bathroom. This can lead to mold growth and ultimately a second renovation to fix the problem. Proper ventilation is essential either by the installation of a fan or window to allow the moisture produced in a bathroom to escape.  Another example is creating a bathroom that is poorly placed in relation to your home’s traffic flow; you’ll want to avoid relocating your bathroom to any place near the main parts of your house, like the living room or the dining room.

Space Issues

Poor planning can also result in a tight fit. A tiny bathroom isn’t a comfortable place especially as it is an area of your home that is highly frequented. For example, buying an oversized tub or sink for the size of the bathroom can be problematic and make it difficult to move around in or even to have the door close properly. Bigger isn’t always better; you’ll need to consider what an appropriate fit is for the size of bathroom. Furthermore, you’ll need to meet the local building guidelines.

Budget Troubles

Ending up breaking your budget is another result of poor planning. It can be tempting to go with what’s currently trending, but this should always be done within the parameters of your budget. As well, incorporating design trends should never compromise the structural and logistical requirements of your renovation. Another reason for cost overruns is mistakes with building materials. For example, a bathroom can have wildly differing temperatures; it can be hot, damp and cold in a succession of hours. This can be hard on your wallpaper and wall coverings. Choosing durable materials made especially for bathrooms ensures that you don’t end up unnecessarily having to replace them.

Get Help to Avoid Mistakes

Professional renovators like those from Pinnacle Group are highly versed in all areas of bathroom renovations and will avoid these mistakes. Their proprietary Design Discovery Process results in a succinct renovation plan that will meet your needs on time and on budget. As a Design-Build firm, all aspects of your project will be taken care of for you and will ensure a professionally finished bathroom.


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