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In 2020, the work landscape changed dramatically. Working remotely has quickly become a new normal for those living in Calgary Alberta, and only a fraction of people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic have returned to their offices. With many industries shifting towards a permanent remote model, more and more employees and business owners alike are finding that a make-shift home office set up at the kitchen or dining room table will not allow them to be as productive as they need to be for extended periods of time.

Working from home can certainly have its benefits, however setting up a functional home office space is not always easy. Every homeowner will have their own unique considerations that will factor into an office remodel, such as family schedules and the need for privacy.

Whether you are factoring a home office into your home’s renovation plans, or simply repurposing an existing room, you should focus on ways to promote:

  • Productive work days
  • Organization
  • Good health
  • Work-life balance

Here are some tips and ideas to help you plan for the perfect space!

4 Important Aspects of Your Home Office Renovations


1. Proper Lighting

Pinnacle Renovations | Optimize Your Home Office Renovation in Calgary

It is important not to overlook the benefit of natural light coming from a window or skylight. Thanks to natural light, not only will you be more likely to work a full schedule, but you will also be happier and more positive as you go about your day because natural lighting has been shown to have positive psychological impacts. The connection between natural light and Vitamin D is extraordinary. Vitamin D promotes better health in many ways, such as fighting depression and chronic pain, which are two common concerns for those working from home. If your budget allows, consider adding a new source of natural light, or increasing the size of a pre-existing window if it is not providing you with enough natural light to make a difference.

Arrange your home office space in a way that helps to avoid working directly under or in front of an artificial light source. The goal here should be to illuminate the entire room without creating any annoying glare or straining your eyes. Lampshades can be an excellent way to help to soften and scatter harsh light, while also contributing to the colour scheme of your office’s theme.

2. Low Noise

Pinnacle Renovations | Optimize Your Home Office Renovation in Calgary

It is no secret that most of us work better in a quiet environment. If you are living with other family members or roommates, you should consider adding a solid-core door to act as a barrier between your workspace and the rest of the home. In addition, door sweeps can provide extra noise reduction if the door itself is not enough.

Sound waves are known to bounce around rooms with hard flooring surfaces, such as hardwood. vinyl and laminate. Consider adding one or more thicker area rugs to your space to help absorb and dampen harsh noises and reduce echoes. Soft wall hangings like a quilt or ornamental rug can also have a similar effect.

If household noise is simply unavoidable, then there are alternatives you can consider, such as a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones, or consider installing sound insulation or implementing a product like Quiet Rock.

3. Storage and Organization

Pinnacle Renovations | Optimize Your Home Office Renovation in Calgary

It is easy to let papers pile up in your home office, and without adequate storage, clutter can accumulate quickly. An organized space is key to creating a room that is both functional and inspiring.

Store your supplies in containers, drawers, baskets, cabinets and bins. Keeping these items organized and out of sight will not only help to declutter your space, but it will also help to ensure that you know where things are whenever you need them.

You should also be thinking about how your remodel can help you better manage your time. If you are someone who relies heavily on visual schedules and notes to keep yourself on task, consider adding a large whiteboard, chalkboard, or calendar to your wall; or as a unique design alternative, consider Chalk Paint.

As the hub of your home office, a desk deserves some thoughtful consideration. Think about whether you prefer built-in storage or just a sleek, flat workspace. Adjustable standing desks are becoming increasingly popular because they can provide a bevy of health benefits.

Bookshelves can pull double duty as storage for binders/books, while also providing you with a spot to add and display decorative accessories.

4. Shared Space

Pinnacle Renovations | Optimize Your Home Office Renovation in Calgary

It is not uncommon to live with a partner or roommate who also works from home right now. Many homeowners simply do not have the room required to build two functioning offices, so planning for a shared space might be your best or only option. While it can certainly be an adjustment to work and live under the same roof, there are ways to go about creating a great shared workspace for two. The introduction of a Flex Room can also be a great alternative, where a guest bedroom can be morphed into that unique office space. Complete built-in units that look seamless and ‘office like’ during the day, can quickly be converted to guest room or room-mate space at night with custom built in wall beds (watch a video).

Finding desks and storage furniture that will suit each of your styles and needs is important, however you should plan to purchase furniture with the same or similar finishes to help create a sense of cohesiveness in your space.

So, how much does it cost to build a home office in Calgary?

The cost of setting up a home office will vary depending on your needs, goals, and property layout, but it likely will not have to break the bank. Compared to the costs associated with remodeling other areas of the home, like a kitchen renovation or bathroom, budgeting for a home office renovation can be quite affordable and flexible depending on the scale of your project. In fact, it can be easy to achieve a fantastic workspace reno on a tighter budget. Your home office should reflect your work style and provide you with a space that allows you to remain organized and focused throughout your busy days.

 In summary…

The work-from-home trend was already beginning to grow well before COVID-19 sent workplaces scrambling for remote setups, but as we move further along through this new normal, a home office is quickly becoming a popular must-have space for many homeowners and prospective buyers. Whether you’re working from home full-time or just part of the week, having a designated workspace has become essential to staying productive and professional. Before getting started with any renovations or improvements, it is always best to consult with a reputable builder, like Pinnacle Group Renovations, to get their advice and guidance on maximizing your home’s potential space, as well the potential resale benefits in the future.

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