Pinnacle Renovations | Property Renovation Around Calgary: A Look at Bathroom Renovations

Renovating bathrooms in Calgary is an excellent way to add a bit of appeal to any home while lowering monthly bills within a relatively short amount of time. There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas within any home. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that bathroom renovations are quite popular for a number of reasons. What are a handful of advantages that such projects can offer?

Bathroom with toilet, sink, and tub.

Utility Bills

One overlooked benefit of a bathroom renovation is that companies will normally make use of modern fixtures and taps. Currently, the average residential property can expect to pay approximately $17.57 dollars per month in terms of water usage. This can quickly add up over time, particularly if one has a large family and the appliances within a bathroom are considerably old. Low-flow shower heads and similar systems will help to reduce the amount of waste water. This can assuredly lower bills over time.

Storage Solutions

Most bathroom renovation companies in Calgary will intend to make the best use out of what can only be called a limited amount of space. Some common projects include increasing the depths of closets, adding space-saving shelves and selecting cabinets with more interior volume. This will help to dramatically reduce the amount of clutter.

A final advantage of any bathroom renovation is the ability to enjoy state-of-the-art showers, sinks and toilets. These will come with lengthy warranties and modern selections will require little (if any) maintenance.

Appeal on the Real Estate Market

It has been known for some time that buyers will always look for a recently remodelled bathroom. A newer bathroom tends to signify that owners have put a significant amount of effort into their home and these renovated spaces add a certain “wow” factor into any potential home sale. Additionally, a recent renovation signals that other areas of a property, such as a kitchen or a basement, have been kept in good condition.

Renovating a bathroom is a great idea to transform a commonly used space in your home so it complements the specific needs of your family, reduces utility bills and provides you with better storage solutions. Choosing a reliable and professional company is always recommended in order to appreciate the numerous benefits that are provided.

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