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Calgary Custom Kitchen Renovations

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What You Need to Know About Kitchen Renos

If you want to learn more about creating a gorgeous custom kitchen using Pinnacle’s Design-Build services, you have come to the right place! The heart of every home is the kitchen; it’s where the family unit gathers to begin and end their day, celebrate milestone events and entertain guests. Ensuring that your kitchen space is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing is where the designers at Pinnacle Group excel. Our experience working with a variety of different budgets, timelines and spaces gives us the knowledge and kitchen design ideas to provide kitchen renovations Calgary homeowners simply adore. The positive feedback we receive from previous clients only motivates our designers and builders to continue outdoing themselves on every project. From kitchen renovations to custom builds, each construction is a unique design undertaking. There are no ordinary home or kitchen remodels for our team. When you work with Pinnacle Group for your home renovation, you can be sure that you’ll receive a customized kitchen, specific to your family.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen, hiring a trustworthy and professional renovator is essential; this will ensure you are carefully guided through the various steps to achieve a successful end result for your kitchen improvement project. Utilizing Pinnacle Group’s proprietary Design Discovery Process, our team will help uncover your specific Calgary kitchen remodeling needs so your kitchen is both a functional and inspirational living space.

Asking the right questions from the onset is imperative; questions like:

  • Do you have adequate workspace, kitchen cabinet and countertop space?
  • Is your current kitchen layout comfortable or a hassle?
  • How much importance does your family place on your kitchen space?
  • Is your kitchen bright enough?
  • Do you do a significant amount of entertaining in your kitchen or in general?
  • Are there any aging in place considerations you would like to incorporate into your kitchen renovations?


Having Pinnacle’s experts ask you questions about your kitchen renovations that you may not have thought about will ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to your Calgary kitchen design and will eliminate regrets after the completion of your kitchen renovation. Our eye for creative and pragmatic kitchen remodeling designs that are custom to your family’s specific kitchen improvement needs, means your kitchen space will be one that you and your family enjoy spending time in now and long into the future.

Pinnacle Group Renovations handles all aspects of your kitchen remodeling from start to finish; as a Calgary Design-Build firm, this means we are your one stop shop for all your kitchen renovation needs. Your kitchen design will embody both the functional requirements in concert with the aesthetic qualities that best represent your style preferences. As well, our in-house cabinetry division led by our skilled and talented artisans provides the impeccable custom millwork and cabinetry featured in all our projects.  Our expert team is your solution to all-things kitchen renovations Calgary.

Why Choose Us As Your Kitchen Renovation Contractors in Calgary?

We are a full service Design-Build company servicing Calgarians. The collaboration of our professionals from both the design and construction sector creates a seamless communication forum. We actually go one step further inviting not only our architect and production team to the initial design discovery conversation but also our interior designer and trades. Having all parties involved in the conversation from the onset allows valuable input into the final project solution, providing you with a synergistic solution and an achievable result. With this level of planning prior to the start of your Calgary kitchen renovations, unforeseen project delays and costs are mitigated.

Choosing a competent kitchen planning & renovations contractor you can trust is a priority; Pinnacle Group is fully equipped to meet all your kitchen renovations and kitchen design challenges. We are an affiliate of Renomark™, an association of like-minded home renovators that uphold high quality, integral and ethical business practices. True to our commitment to excellence and rectitude, we are the only Renomark™ Renovator to guarantee the start date, completion date and cost of your kitchen project, known as our SCC 3-Way Guarantee™.

Take advantage of Pinnacle’s free, no obligation, Kitchen Design and Build Consult. This design build consult provides you with 2 hours of value, providing you with access to Calgary’s top renovation professionals to ask any questions you have about your kitchen remodel and provide you with preliminary ideas for your Calgary kitchen renovations.

Calgary Kitchen Cabinets by Pinnacle Group

Our team of Calgary kitchen designers love the fact that working with Pinnacle Group means they have access to Pinnacle’s own cabinet and millwork division. This means the sky’s the limit when creating custom kitchen cabinetry solutions. Having the ability to create a colour palate without limitation is a designer’s dream!

Customers love knowing that utilizing Pinnacle Custom Cabinets for their kitchen cabinets means they won’t have to deal with delays in the manufacturing of their project’s kitchen cabinetry or millwork. This is a common issue consumer’s experience when building their Calgary kitchen cabinets, because delays in cabinetry are often what bring a kitchen renovation contractor to a grinding halt; resulting in cost over-runs and missed completion dates.

Calgary Kitchen Design Trends

Keeping on top of the latest Calgary kitchen design trends and providing our clients with practical insight as to how to translate these into your own kitchen design is prevalent. However, at the end of the day, the most important aspect is that your own personalization is represented in your Calgary kitchen remodeling ideas and plans. The smallest of kitchen design details can have the biggest meaning from colourful accents that bring you joy, to embellishments, shine and texture; our goal is to create inspired living spaces that YOU will love.  If you have been searching online for ‘kitchen renovations calgary’ then you’ve struck the jackpot because our experienced team custom crafts the kitchen makeovers Calgary desires most!

Custom Kitchen Designs

Having a new kitchen that better suits your needs is an incredible feeling – but having a custom kitchen design, built exactly to your specifications down to the smallest details, is even better. Our custom kitchen renovation professionals help you identify and isolate what will be most important to you within your kitchen layout, and work with you to create a warm and welcoming space, within which you will always feel at home. Everything from the position of the cabinets and the height of each shelf to the colour, wood grain, and hardware that perfectly accents the presence of natural light will be considered.

When you are ready for custom kitchen design in Calgary, look no further than Pinnacle Group, with a 100% customer satisfaction rating on our quality and workmanship. After all, your kitchen – a place of gathering, conversation, and memories – should be a reflection of your personality, with nothing held back in the pursuit of a uniquely excellent end result. Thanks to our free, no-obligation consultation, you can have expert opinions on hand to help foster ideas, unlock possibilities, and provide estimates for time and projected costs. When you are ready to proceed, we have the experience, materials, and custom skills required to bring it all to fruition for you.

There are half a million kitchens in Calgary – yours should stand out from every one of them.  

Luxury Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

Go beyond granite. Think bigger than brass. A true luxury kitchen is about more than any of the materials used – it involves creating a space that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. All parts of a modern luxury kitchen must harmonize together for an optimal effect, drawing the eye into a sense of comfort and wonder.

Luxury kitchen renovations are a big part of overall home redesign, and there are many options to choose from when deciding how to proceed with your own. A major consideration of luxury kitchens is how they can seem intimate, yet bold and spacious; achieving this requires an experienced touch and an exceptional attention to detail and layout. So, when planning yours, don’t limit yourself by thinking of what cannot be done. Instead, take advantage of our free consultation to discover all that can be done. We are experts at bringing the luxury kitchens of Calgary to life.

Think of what Calgary luxury kitchens mean to you – what will you use as inspiration? For you in particular, what can capture the spirit and laughter of a thousand meals, and infuse it into the room around you? The gleaming hardware, solid countertops, and sleek new appliances are important, but so too is the personality of your own luxury kitchen design. At Pinnacle, we ensure that every detail is just right for the dream kitchen you have in mind, and we oversee every step of the process as it comes together. 

How To Choose A Contractor For Your Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

When selecting a renovation team for your kitchen project, it is important to do your due diligence to help ensure that you’re choosing the right group for you and your family’s needs. Online referrals, reviews, project galleries and credentials are all fantastic ways to get an initial first impression of the potential candidates in your area. A combination of a professional online presence, transparency into past projects and consistent positive feedback can make it easier for you to focus in on the renovators that you would like to work with to help design and renovate your dream kitchen. From there, you can narrow down the list of contenders and set up meetings between your top choices.

For more than 15 years, 3rd Party Review company; Client Insight has helped us interview our Pinnacle Group Client Families in an effort to learn more about their experience throughout the build process. These customers have entrusted us to complete large scale home renovations and additions, as such, we want to make sure that we have met and exceeded their expectations, or be made aware of any areas of the process that can be improved upon. These Client surveys provide the opportunity to continually improve and enhance Pinnacle’s build process, keep management informed and ensure quality and excellence. 

No matter what Builder you choose for your project, we believe you deserve to be properly educated by an authority in the industry; our goal is to help provide you with the resources necessary to help you navigate your way to a successful Renovation or Custom Home Build. These resources are designed to help guide you in what you should expect in all stages of your project – Before, During and After your Renovation or Custom Home Build.

Amazing Kitchen Design Elements

1) Kitchen Flooring

In a busy area of your home, like your kitchen, selecting the right flooring that will hold up to the foot traffic, spills, and drops is extremely important. There are many hard flooring products to choose from that come in a wide range of colours, styles and textures. Luxury Vinyl Plank, Tile-Plank in hardwood look, small or large format Tile, and Hardwood; all have their pros and cons depending on your personal needs and taste, as well as perceived quality and actual durability. For the reasons cited; it’s so important to work with seasoned professionals who know the pros and cons of each product, and aren’t tied to a specific product line; thus, allowing complete objectivity.

2) Kitchen Colours

In 2023, colourful kitchen cabinetry has continued to emerge as an increasingly popular design trend. Homeowners are showing off their personality and adventurous sides this year by selecting bold navy blues or forest greens for their two tone kitchen cabinetry and island.

3) Kitchen Counters

When choosing kitchen counter tops, it isn’t difficult to get confused by the number of different options that are available to you. In 2023, stone products such as quartz, quartzite, glass and granite are some of the choices for homeowners renovating their kitchens. Unlike granite, which is a natural stone, quartz is a man-made product and therefore tends and easier to maintain, whereas the natural movement in granite is what attracts others to that choice. Durability and maintenance aside, quartz, quartzite, glass and granite countertops can come in an endless assortment of colors and styles. 

Unexpected Challenges You May Encounter During A Kitchen Renovation

1) Contractor Disappointments

Planning for a kitchen renovation should be extremely exciting, but if you aren’t working with the right renovator, it can also end up being quite a stressful process as well. You may have heard the horror stories where project start dates are promised, then missed, along with unforeseen cost over-runs. At Pinnacle Group, our SCC 3-Way Guarantee™ is a promise that we make to every client we serve. That promise is to guarantee the Start date, Completion date, and Cost of your project.

2) How can a homeowner avoid renovation cost over-runs?

As the old saying goes; nothing beats experience. In the renovation world, that certainly rings true; as most anyone can rip apart walls and spaces, but how do you know what’s behind those walls to ensure surprises don’t show up leading to cost over-runs? Unlike HGTV who play on drama to heighten viewership; a seasoned and experienced renovator should rarely, if ever run into surprises; and sadly that’s what these shows don’t seem to point out; our question is what kind of professional renovator are you if there is a ‘surprise’ and what kind of due diligence was done BEFORE starting the project? if the right Building Planning Process (BPP) occurs early in the design; including bringing key professionals on site; surprises should be mitigated. Pros like engineers, applicable trades impacted by the design, thermal cameras, along with a keen understanding of bearing point loads; surprises are rare, and if so with a guaranteed cost; none of this should be passed on to you the homeowner. 

3) How can a guaranteed start and completion date be achieved?

Once again, the word ‘experience’ comes to play; with a tried-and-true process along with a signature on the contract from the Renovation owner, a guaranteed start and completion date can be achieved, even amidst current supply chain hiccups. Having a vetted group of suppliers and trades that an experienced renovation company would have in hand, is the only way to achieve these kinds of guarantees. But it must be in writing, and the company you are interviewing should have decade(s) long experience supporting their promises, along with 3rd party Reviews that confirm these start and completion dates were indeed achieved. Trust your instinct when interviewing; and did we mention; look for experience?

Creating A Budget For Your Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

How much will a kitchen remodel cost? Is a kitchen renovation expensive? These popular questions are usually among the first that homeowners will ask before seriously diving into the process of planning and preparing a budget for a kitchen makeover of their own. Figuring out how much you are able and willing to invest on a kitchen renovation, should start with having and in-depth conversation with an experienced design-build renovator. This conversation is to determine the scope or size of project required to accommodate your current list of needs, and the quality of the specifications of every single item installed.  From there, you will be able to plan a renovation that fits within the parameters of your available funds.

Other important things to consider when creating a budget for your kitchen remodel include your home’s current market value and how a potential kitchen overhaul might affect that value. A kitchen renovation isn’t always about improving your property’s re-sale value, especially when creating an accessible kitchen to accommodate someone in the home living with, or planning ahead for, mobility challenges. However, the current and potential market value of your home should be considered when deciding between a mid-range and luxury kitchen renovation, and how much you are willing to allocate to your kitchen transformation. The budget comes down to how you view the most important and widely used room in your home; is it strictly about ROI/return on investment, or is it ROL/Return on Lifestyle? The answer is unique to each family and the importance they place on their kitchen.

What is the difference between a mid-range and luxury kitchen renovation?

At Pinnacle Group Renovations we focus on upscale projects, and for most of our clients, that means a hybrid of both mid-range and luxury kitchen renovations. A mid-range kitchen makeover is intended for an outdated kitchen with the kitchen area receiving new code-compliant plumbing and electrical, full-height fully-custom cabinetry perimeter, with a generous, multi-function island, dovetailed drawers with high quality soft-close drawer slides, and luxury granite or quartz counters. Appliance installations include energy efficient induction or gas range (complete with ventilation system), a built-in microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal system. This kitchen would be complimented by a double-basin SILGRANITE undermount sink, a new luxury faucet, and custom under-cabinet as well as ceiling pot lighting. New Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring or Engineered Hardwood is installed, and walls, ceiling and trim in the kitchen and adjacent areas are all re-painted.

Luxury kitchen renovations would include features such as high-end appliances, fully-custom cabinetry with multiple accessories and custom-exotic wood species, luxury stone countertops including waterfall designs, instant hot or filtered water, 36-48inch range and vent hood, and structural work for an open concept or butler’s pantry, including removal of bearing walls and/or an addition, for a luxurious open concept.

From the examples above of mid-range and luxury kitchen renovations; it’s easy to see how most of our client-families opt for a hybrid version of both specifications; we simply refer to as The PINNACLE Spec and is what you see throughout our website galleries! 

Each year Pinnacle Group puts together a FREE up-to-date Reno Cost Guide where we cover the typical cost expectancy of some more popular home renovations, including the kitchen. Download your free guide today! 

Why The Layout Of Your Kitchen Is SO Important

Quite often when homeowners decide to renovate their kitchen space, it usually comes from a deeper need than simply updating the aesthetics of the room. Dated kitchens are often more closed in and much less functional than today’s modern designs. Nowadays, more than most areas of the home, our kitchens need to be practical to cater to the multiple demands we put on this space. Your new kitchen layout will ultimately depend on the square footage available, which is why it’s extremely important to work with a qualified renovation and design-build team, who can help you visualize your options before any construction or demolition work begins. Most Design-Build firms employ professionals from both the design and construction sector which is the case with Pinnacle Group; this creates a seamless communication forum. Naturally, the expertise and creativity of an architect or designer is required to draw up the plans; but as important is the builder working alongside the design team to ensure it meets your budget expectations.


Some common kitchen layouts include:

1) L-Shaped kitchens

L-Shaped kitchens are quite popular because they offer plenty of storage and practical flow. These layouts will help you make the best use of your space, and can be further improved with the addition of a central island. 

2) Gallery kitchens

Gallery Kitchens can help make the most of your square footage, particularly in smaller spaces. In a Gallery layout, you have a longer and narrower kitchen, with a corridor running between two walls that will each feature the kitchen’s counters, storage solutions and appliances. 

3) U-Shaped kitchens

U-Shaped kitchens are similar to the Gallery layout described above, but will have an added counter that connects both walls creating the U-Shape sometimes forming a peninsula.

4) Single-Wall kitchens

A Single-Wall or One-Wall kitchen is exactly what it sounds like! This layout is quite common in apartments and lofts and are a great way to make the most of your limited space. Single-Wall Kitchens will have all cabinetry and appliances along a single wall. If space allows, an island can help to provide additional countertop and storage space.

Incorporating the right kitchen layout will not only look stunning, but it will also improve the overall usability of your living space. Speak with your preferred renovation professionals to create a dream kitchen with plenty of practical storage solutions, and be sure to prioritize the layout and functionality so that your entire family can make use of this reimagined area, however they may need to!  Have fun but make sure your kitchen renovations in Calgary are also functional 🙂

2023 Pinnacle Reno Cost Guide

Customer Reviews

Client Reviews & Testimonials

★★★★★     Pinnacle Customer
SE Calgary, AB | Mar 2021

“I would recommend Pinnacle Group because they did a great job and the Pinnacle staff are great people. I think their staff all take pride in their work and I experienced situations where Pinnacle went above and beyond for us. I had peace of mind and no stress with this renovation. There were bumps but I had no stress as I knew they would resolve it.”

★★★★★     Craig & Janet M.
SE Calgary, AB | Jan 2021

“We would recommend Pinnacle Group because they have a great team, from Paul, the Owner, who puts the plan together, to Jami, the Designer, to Brennan and Grant on the implementation side. I like the fixed price and fixed date concept. Pinnacle Group does good work, they use good products and they have good trades.”

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Kitchen Renovations

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kitchen remodelling calgary

Gallery 42

This home has been the residence of one family for over 30 years. After raising all of their children and countless memories within the walls, the homeowners decided to embark on their dream renovation that would meet their needs without having to relocate.

springbank kitchen renovations calgary

Gallery 28

An exquisite custom two-island design was created to suit the unique needs of this Springbank home. In addition, a complete basement overhaul has turned one of the least used areas of the house into a haven for all family members.

custom kitchen renovations calgary

Gallery 37

Adding 4 feet onto the back of this house has completely transformed the main floor, and enabled us to design a glorious custom kitchen.

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Gallery 34

Utilizing Pinnacle’s Stage It Sold™ program, this Client Family evaluated their top real estate findings to determine which home would best suite their changing lifestyle needs.

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Our Performance From Our Customer's Perspective

Overall Impression

This chart shows the results of the Overall Impression of the client experience with the Pinnacle Group. For example, 95% of clients feel that Pinnacle provided the technical expertise required for their project.

100% Satisfied with the Overal Quality of Pinnacle’s Workmanship

95%Pinnacle provided the technical expertise required for our project

89%Our project started on schedule

89%Our project was completed in alignment with the original cost proposal

90%We will recommend neighbors & friends to the Pinnacle Group

Design & Production Experience

The above chart shows the feedback results of what Pinnacle Group clients experience in the purchase and design phase of their project. For example, 95% of clients say that Pinnacle’s staff were pleasant and professional.

95% Pinnacle’s Reno Consultant Listened & Understood Uur Needs

95%Pinnacle’s Staff Were Pleasant & Professional

100% We Are Pleased with the Design of Our Project

95% The Site Supervisor demonstrated knowledge & understanding of our project

89% Post Project issues were resolved in a timely manner

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