Pinnacle Renovations | Home Renovation Trends to Watch For in 2024

In October of 2023, the average price of a home in Calgary was more than $555,000. While it may feel tempting to sell your home and capitalize on this red-hot market, you would then find yourself paying an even higher price to buy back in again; so, for many people in Calgary’s real estate landscape, making the most of existing space – even if it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot to work with – has become the most desirable choice for many homeowners. It’s one more chapter in the endless question of whether to renovate or relocate.

For those people, now is the time to conquer clutter, update your home’s layout, and embrace organization in order unlock the true potential of your home. After all, you deserve to enjoy a fresh, updated living space – and this trend is especially true for those cozy, familiar corners of old homes. With thoughtful remodelling ideas for small spaces, every home can feel big and brand new again.

1) Natural Elements: One of the top home renovation trends

Renovation Trends Natural Elements

Natural Tones

As we enter 2024, one of the home renovation trends in interiors is shifting towards embracing the earth’s natural palette. Gone are the days of cooler gray tones—now, our kitchens and living spaces are warming up to the rich and rustic tones of terracotta, the inviting depth of ochres, and the soothing hues of greens and blues. These colours, ever-changing with the day’s light, create a dynamic ambiance that turns every room into a welcoming retreat.

Home Renovation Trends Natural Tones

The rise in popularity of warm, earthy tones like terracotta and mustard yellow is unmistakable, infusing kitchens with a cozy vibe. These colours aren’t just visually comforting; they’re tactile, bringing an organic, lived-in feel that makes a house truly feel like a forever home. Whether it’s through terracotta cabinetry that whispers tales of Mediterranean warmth or mustard yellow that injects a burst of cheerful energy, 2024 is the year where natural colours profoundly resonate with our desire for serenity and joyous living spaces.

Natural Materials

The use of natural materials in kitchen renovations and living spaces is not just a fleeting trend but a commitment to a more grounded lifestyle. This trend reflects a deep appreciation for nature’s palette, with a focus on warm, inviting wood tones that offer both visual comfort and textural depth.

Moving away from the pristine all-white look, we’re seeing a shift towards woods like white oak, walnut, and the increasingly popular alder. These choices reflect a preference for designs that speak to warmth, functionality, and an enduring connection with nature. Similarly, the incorporation of stone, bamboo, and reclaimed wood is a testament to a design ethos that values sustainability, longevity, and the inherent beauty of organic materials.

Natural Light

Renovation Trends Natural Light

Skylights and large, energy-efficient windows can create a sense of openness in the home. In the pursuit of a home that harmonizes with the environment, the strong use of natural light by adding large windows brings the outside in. Expansive glass installations are not merely an aesthetic choice; they’re a health-centric, eco-friendly renovationdecision that invites the calm of nature into your living spaces.

Selecting the right windows is crucial for the longevity and energy efficiency of your home. Opt for a reputable supplier known for its quality and ensure installation by a seasoned and trusted contractor. Consider these factors when purchasing window:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Choose between dual-pane and triple-pane options; gas-filled windows offer superior insulation, albeit at a higher price point.
  2. Warranty: A warranty indicates that the manufacturer trusts and stands by their product—opt for one that offers comprehensive coverage.
  3. Material Matters: The window’s construction material affects its durability.  Composite wood offers lasting endurance without upkeep, while vinyl provides an economical, low-maintenance alternative.  Select based on your specific requirements.

2) Energy-efficient designs are trending in 2024

In today’s homes, the strong use of energy-efficient designs and natural materials represents a commitment to both the environment and personal well-being. The principles of these new home renovation trends guide informed decisions, offering homeowners not just immediate satisfaction but also long-term benefits and sustainable living.

If you are considering the path to a more efficient, sustainable home, remember that the right guidance is key. To ensure your Calgary home renovations align with both your aesthetic vision and sustainability goals, consider partnering with an expert. Hire a contractor who specializes in energy-efficient designs to help you navigate the choices that will shape your home’s future.

  1. Savings Meets Sustainability: Imagine trimming down those energy bills and knowing you’re doing right by Mother Earth. That’s the promise of energy-efficient designs—comfort and cost-effectiveness rolled into one.
  2. Natural Materials, Natural Choices: It’s all about materials that tell a story of sustainability. Embracing natural materials in construction isn’t just an eco-conscious decision; it’s a lifestyle. From recycled roofing to non-toxic paints, selecting sustainable materials ensures a home is not only beautiful but also a bastion of responsibility towards nature.
  3. Technological Integration for Sustainable Living: Advancements in home energy systems, like cutting-edge insulation, home solar panels, and intelligent energy management, are no longer the future—they’re the present. Incorporating these innovations means living in a home that’s as attuned to tomorrow’s standards as it is to today’s comfort.

Get Started With Your Remodel in 2024

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