Pinnacle Renovations | The Power of Kitchen Renovations in Calgary’s Current Housing Market

Calgary kitchen remodelling offers several benefits such as increasing the value of a home and taking advantage of what may have otherwise been an inefficient use of space.

It has recently been shown that the average benchmark price for a Calgary home is $520,500 dollars. The reason that this is important is that with an apparently stagnant housing market, many owners are now looking to renovate to increase the value and appeal of their property. Why are kitchen renovations such popular options?

Pinnacle Renovations | The Power of Kitchen Renovations in Calgary’s Current Housing Market

Hidden Cost Benefits

One area that is often overlooked in terms of kitchen renovations involves lower utility bills over time. Many projects will revolve around replacing older appliances with those that are much more energy efficient. This enables any Calgary home to embrace a “green” approach and customers will often pay much less in terms of water and electricity.


Many older kitchens do not make an efficient use of their existing space. Examples here could be larger refrigerators, bulky cabinets or narrow doorways. Professional renovation teams will analyze the dimensions of the room and determine how to make the most out of the space that is available. As well, they can help improve traffic lines to ensure the flow of the home layout makes the most sense.

Natural Light

One trend that has gained momentum in recent times is for a renovated kitchen to be exposed to as much natural light as possible. This is quite healthy in terms of living conditions and of course, less interior illumination will be necessary. We should also recall that more ambient light provides the illusion of a greater amount of space.

Flexible Solutions

Kitchen renovations tend to vary widely in terms of cost and scope of operations. So, the customer has many different choices when planning a project. Professionals provide expert advice and the most appropriate solutions can be determined at the right times. Whether one chooses to embrace a contemporary appeal or desires a traditional atmosphere, the sheer number of designs will impress those with even the most stringent of demands.

Kitchens tend to be the hub of activity in most homes so renovating this space can positively influence a family’s lifestyle. As this is perhaps the most functional room within any property, it makes sense that a significant amount of attention is devoted to a kitchen.

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