Contemplating a renovation or custom home build can be a daunting task, especially considering the numerous organizations to choose from within the industry! There are a number of crucial questions that a client should ask each potential renovator/custom home builder; both to determine their industry experience as well as their overall company integrity.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting a comprehensive list of questions we suggest you use to determine which renovation/custom home build company will be the best ‘fit’ for your project. Of course there are many more that could be added to this list; however this will be a great place to start! These questions were compiled from the recommendations of third party consumer protection organizations including the CRHBA (Calgary Region Home Builders Association), CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), Better Business Bureau (BBB) and RenoMark™. Only the most qualified and reputable companies will be able to properly answer these questions, establishing the trust necessary to have a worry-free and enjoyable renovation or new home build experience. We have provided Pinnacle Group’s answer to each of these questions to offer a benchmark of standards to look for.

Question 1: Are you a RenoMark™ Renovator?
Pinnacle Group:  Yes we are! In fact Paul Klassen, Founder & GM of Pinnacle Group Renovations is one of the founding members of Calgary’s chapter which is dedicated to providing consumers with access to high quality, integral, and ethical renovation companies. As well, he has served on the RenoMark™ Council for several years, including chairing the Council in 2010-2011.

Question 2. Are you a member in good standing of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Calgary Region?
Pinnacle Group: We are a member in good standing and feel the CHBA/Calgary Region is supporting a well-rounded group of builder/renovator members serving the Calgary Region.

Question 3. Do you abide by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Calgary Region Code of Ethics?
Pinnacle Group:  Yes, as a RenoMark™ Renovator we are required to abide by both the RenoMark™ Code of Ethics as well as the CHBA Code of Ethics; to date Pinnacle Group has not been in violation of, or had any unresolved consumer complaints in either RenoMark™ or CHBA’s Code of Ethics.

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Pinnacle Group has recently joined forces with Permit Masters; an innovative and forward-thinking company within our City that handles all aspects of the permit process – from application through approval!

Obtaining permits through the City can be a daunting process for Homeowners, and while Pinnacle has always handled this aspect of the renovation process for our Clients, our alliance with Permit Masters alleviates this step within our office and allows our staff to focus on the other aspects of the renovation process.

Permit Masters is a one-stop-shop for obtaining Calgary building and development permits for both commercial and residential clients. With extensive knowledge of the building industry and its bylaws, they effectively handle everything from application to approval and perform all necessary ‘in-between’ negotiations with the City. Their experience in dealing with Calgary building and development permits means they are able to manage applications and negotiations quickly and efficiently, resulting in faster approval.

Pinnacle’s partnership with Permit Masters ensures all building and development permits are properly processed and approved; our Clients are confident knowing that all aspects of their permit approvals are covered by industry professionals.

With numerous permits necessary for a single renovation project, we are thrilled with the services Permit Masters offers and look forward to enjoying their contribution to our processes!

For more information about Permit Masters and their specialized services, visit their website at