Pinnacle Renovations | Bathroom Renovations: Why Style and Functionality Should Always Meet

Many households in greater Calgary are willing to spend a bit more to ensure a premium on hygiene. In some cases, part of that effort will be to successfully remodel a bathroom with the most exquisite materials and fixtures around. Achieving that end may only be possible with bathroom renovations professionals such as Pinnacle Group Renovations.

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There are a number of key elements to consider for a chic but functional bathroom remodeling project.

  • Safety – the bathroom may have the finest materials and fixtures you can afford, but it will be meaningless if it exposes users to accident risks. To this end, consult your renovation team regarding various safety features that can be incorporated into the final design. These may include safety grip bars in the shower area, the bathtub, and the toilet; nonslip tiles, fire-proof insulation of the entire room, and putting all electrical sockets at great lengths away from watery areas.
  • Going Natural –Some of the finest bathrooms around feature all-natural materials. You can talk to your renovation team about using natural elements in your bathroom, such as granite countertops, teakwood flooring, and marble tiles. These not only provide timeless value and a relaxing ambience, they also make for easy maintenance.
  • Fixtures – Aim for fixtures that will go well with the overall room design while being water-efficient. For the main shower area, a shower system with multiple shower heads accomplishes this by providing different flow rates. This will allow users to adjust the amount of water they consume while showering, and provide opportunities for conserving the water supply.
  • Let There Be Light – Effective lighting is essential to make the most of your time in the bathroom and enhance the atmosphere. Analyze the bathroom plan to see where some lights can be installed for wider reach. A wall in bright colours will also work in amplifying the illumination. If the project calls for windows, aim for those that help bring in as much natural light as possible without compromising your privacy.

A bathroom that makes a definitive statement about your lifestyle can be a solid home run if you invest well in prime materials. Planning it with a leading bathroom renovation service company ensures that the outcome will be not only stylish and on-trend, but also worth every penny you spend.


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