Is your kitchen actually contributing to those added pounds or additional inches in your waistline? Surprisingly, with a growing number of scientific studies to back this up, the answer might be yes, especially when you organize your kitchen in a way that further encourages you to snack on those unhealthy foods.

Ways to Make Kitchen Renovations Help with Your Weight Loss Journey

Before you search frantically on the Internet for the most effective weight loss regimen, you may want to consider choices in your kitchen renovation design that will encourage you to eat healthy foods. Not only can you upgrade to a better-looking kitchen in the end, but you can also shed those unwanted pounds by eliminating temptations, with these helpful tips for kitchen renovations.

Avoid a Lounge-Friendly Design

Living rooms seem to morph into the kitchen, now that homeowners can mount their flat-screen televisions on the wall and place comfortable chairs to make the place more relaxing. This arrangement, however, only encourages people to hang out in their kitchens, further influencing their eating habits.

The solution? Remove structures that keep you in the kitchen longer, including the TV and those comfy chairs, or even in some extreme cases, kitchen islands if they encourage you to stay sedentary in your kitchen. Doing away with a lounge-friendly design has been found to actually make people spend less time in the kitchen, therefore lessening the temptation to snack.

Place Your Appliances Appropriately

If you find yourself reaching for your ice cream maker or your deep fryer every night, you may want to have cabinets installed at the dead space near the ceiling, where you can place these appliances. Storing them out of your reach makes it less-appealing for you to constantly grab them.

At the same time, place appliances like your rice steamer or your salad spinner in a cabinet that’s easily accessible. Keeping them in easy reach makes it easier for you to whip up a healthy meal for your family.

Don’t Go for White

Most homeowners prefer a white or a neutral-coloured kitchen, yet these colours are known to stimulate eating. Opting for a dark room, however, also won’t help, as this could further entice you to linger and help yourself to more servings. A solution to this dilemma is to colour your kitchen with an in-between tone, like earth tones.

If you’re serious about shedding those unwanted pounds, incorporating ideas like these into your renovation may be supportive. With the help of kitchen remodeling experts in Calgary, like those from Pinnacle Group, your kitchen will not only end up more functional and aesthetically pleasing but can also support healthy eating habits.


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