Calgary, Alberta (June 10, 2014) –

Home renovations remain popular with Canadians, with millions undertaking such projects each year. Of these improvements, kitchen remodeling proved to be the most requested work, accounting for 48% of projects as per a 2011 survey conducted by BMO Bank of Montreal. Pinnacle Group, which provides expert kitchen renovations in Calgary, reminds homeowners to ensure they understand the difference between hiring a Design-Build/Fixed Cost Firm versus a Cost-Plus Firm when embarking on any home transformation projects.

The term “Design-Build” means the design and construction of a project is contracted by the same company. In the Cost-Plus Model, the contractor is only in charge of building the project and the design is handled by a third party. Contrasting both, it becomes clear that communication is more streamlined in the Design-Build setup.

However, the biggest difference between the two is the cost risk and accountability when it comes to budget adherence. In a Cost-Plus System, it is the client that shoulders the above-mentioned items. This means that if construction takes longer than expected, or if sudden expenses arise during construction, the homeowner will have to cover the extra cost. In fact, statistics show that 80% of renovation-related court cases are tied to cost accountability.

The Design-Build/Fixed-Cost Model, on the other hand, ensures that contractors take accountability for cost risk and budget adherence instead of the client.

As a Design-Build/Fixed-Cost Builder, Pinnacle Group believes this system is the best way to maintain alignment between contractors and homeowners, and to deliver a finished project that meets all expectations in terms of design, schedule and budget.

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About Pinnacle Group

Pinnacle Group was started by Founder and CEO Paul Klassen in 1999. The firm was awarded the 2011 Better Business Bureau Ethics Award and the 2013 CHBA National SAM Award for Best Kitchen Renovation 90K+ Category. It is also the only RenoMark™ renovator to offer the SCC 3-Way Guarantee™ which assures a project’s start date, completion date, and cost. The company provides Calgary kitchen renovations, complete home makeovers, basement remodeling, and other home improvement services.