It’s been a few days since Jim & Penny returned home from their week-long Mexican Riviera Cruise, but their excitement hasn’t waned yet! From excursions of snorkelling, desert dune buggies and the Puerto Vallarta Zip Line, to enjoying top class restaurants and taking in the live entertainment onboard, it was definitely a trip to remember.

The couple flew to Los Angeles to be ready to board the cruise March 5th. From there they sailed to Cabo San Lucas, & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Each location was unique and exciting, and they had a few hours to explore the various attractions before boarding and setting sail to the next destination.

Jim’s favourite memory of the trip is the Puerto Vallarta Zip Line & Canopy Tour. Transportation to the Zip Line included Speed Boat, Swiss Army Jeeps and the backs of Mules, which gave them a chance to experience the beauty of Mexico’s back country! The Canopy Tour had 14 different stations which included experiences such as a breath-taking 200m Zip Line over an open canyon and rappelling down an enormous rock wall beside a beautiful waterfall; all at an elevation of 2000ft in the lush Sierra Madre Mountains!

Jim & Penny would like to thank Paul & Elaine for their incredible generosity in providing them with the opportunity to experience this trip of a lifetime. They are sincerely honoured to be part of the Pinnacle Trade Team & look forward to many more years of partnership!