Global Interviews Pinnacle On Latest Standata Revisions For Flood Re-builds

This past Saturday, Pinnacle Group hosted a Community Service Event for flood victims looking to ask specifc re-build questions, address concerns and gather general information on post-flood re-build solutions for thier flood-affected homes.

The intent was to connect consumers with professionals from many fields of expertise including architecture, design, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, engineering, clean air/mould remediation, exteriors as well as finance, to help with some of the tough decisions that lie ahead.

We provided the latest information released from the Government of Alberta on flood mitigation re-build requirements and answered several questions from attendees on what this meant to their particular home re-builds.

Global News stopped in and asked us questions on the impact of these lastest revisions released in the Standata.

To see the interview click here: Pinnacle in the News 082413