There is much truth spoken in the familiar statement – “Home is where the heart is”. It is where many of our childhood memories reside and where fond memories are then created as we raise our own children. When sitting down with our clients, it is important to take a step back from the 30,000 foot level, the pilot’s level, to really understand the needs, dreams and wishes of our clients so we can truly capture their passion in the renovation.

Capturing the essence of our clients’ family and creating unique spaces that support their needs is truly the heart beat of Pinnacle Group Renovations business philosophy and dramatically influences the entire renovation process. Paul Klassen, General Manger and Founder of Pinnacle Group Renovations, has in many ways made it his mission to support the family unit, encouraging healthy, connected, honest family values. This is not something that he takes lightly and having raised 4 wonderful children, he knows all too well the importance of creating a home in which the family resides with pride!

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When the Klassen’s decided to renovate their own home, it was imperative that they create an entertainment space where their children would want to hang out with their friends so they could continue to encourage and support the family values that they believed in. It wasn’t long before their home became grand central station which was exactly the intent – their home truly was their family’s favorite place to be! It was a hub of activity where Paul and his wife happily watched their children flourish, maintaining the ever important connection and communication with their adolescent children. As their lifestyle has evolved, the welcoming atmosphere continues to be important as they now make room for their grand children to enjoy their family’s haven!

A successful renovation requires the input of all family members and with this – the result is nothing short of fantastic! To help families come together and discuss their vision for their new family space, Pinnacle developed a Project Idea Book used in the initial stages of a renovation. Clients are encouraged to sit down as a family and provide their individual input into design ideas, decorating tastes, and space requirements so that the renovation truly is a family affair! This has been a highly successful mandate that Pinnacle’s clients have fully embraced!